Your Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide


Unless you're blessed with perpetually flawless skin (you lucky thing, you!) chances are winter is doing a number on your face and bod'. Dryness, dullness, eczema... they all tend to rear their ugly heads when the mercury drops. So, to help you combat the not-so-nice effects of the cooler weather, we've got all your winter skincare must-haves covered. Hydration awaits!


For all you oily-skin peeps, winter isn't quite as harsh on your visage, so stick with your tried-and-true gel or foaming cleanser. For those on the drier side of the spectrum, consider switching to a cream cleanser. Instead of drying out your skin even further by stripping it of its natural oils, a cream cleanser will give you that little extra moisture boost. Still dry? Try a cleansing oil instead - not only will it remove dirt and makeup, but it'll also provide some much-needed moisture.

Brunette woman leaning over bathroom sink, washing her face with a foaming cleanser


You'll need one for your face and one for your body. For your body (particularly the driest parts, like hands and elbows), the thicker the better. Oh, and trust us when we say colloidal oatmeal is a miracle ingredient.

When it comes to your facial moisturiser, however, it should always be formulated for your skin type. Yes, even oily skin needs moisturisation - too little, and your skin will only produce more oil. Stick to an oil-free formulation and your skin will thank you. On the other hand, normal and dry skin types can afford to switch to a slightly heavier product, as long as it contains fatty acids or ceramides to keep your skin hydrated.


If you're not already using serums, you're missing out. There is a serum for almost every skin concern out there. Dryness? Check. Anti-ageing? Check. Acne-fighting? Check. Come wintertime, serums containing hyaluronic acid, ceramides, peptides and vitamins B12 and E will be your best friends. For our oily friends, throw in some BHAs (like salicylic acid) to keep the oil at bay. Apply after cleansing and before your moisturiser for the best benefits.

Smiling brunette woman applying a facial serum under her eyes as part of a winter skincare routine

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Astringent and clarifying toners are great for all you oily-skin folks, but for the combo, normal and dry-skinned among us, a hydrating mist toner is your best bet. Apply all over the face as needed throughout the day and say buh-bye to dryness!

Lip Balm

First things first, avoid anything with camphor, phenol, menthol, alcohol and salicylic acid in the ingredients. You'd be surprised to see how many of the most popular lip balm brands actually contain these ingredients, which only dehydrate your lips further, thus making you need to use them (and buy them!) more often. Switch to a lanolin, beeswax or shea butter-based balm and experience what true lip hydration is like.

Close-up of woman applying lip balm with her middle finger


Yes, even in winter. Repeat after us: No matter what time of year it is, I will apply SPF every single day. The sun doesn't care if it's cold outside - it's still hell-bent on damaging your skin. Opt for a broad-spectrum SPF50+ sunscreen for the ultimate anti-ageing power. Like any skincare product, however, your sunscreen should be formulated to suit your skin. Those with oily skin should look for an ultra-lightweight, non-comedogenic liquid formula that won't suffocate the pores.


Yep, the ultimate winter skincare must-have is humble H2O. Hydration starts from the inside, so don't think you don't need as much simply because it's no longer sweltering outside. Aim for about two litres a day and watch as your skin transforms!

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