Where to Find Cheeseburger Gyoza Near You

A plate of five cheeseburger gyoza drizzled with tomato sauce and mustard and topped with pickles

Cheeseburgers. Gyoza. Together at last. Yep, cheeseburger gyoza exists, and it’s even more amazing than it sounds.

Harajuku Gyoza (as seen on Urban List Sydney’s ‘7 Restaurants You Need to Hit Up This Month’) are the pioneers of this culinary masterpiece, which sees 100% grass-fed beef, aged cheddar, onions, pickles, tomato sauce and mustard diced, enclosed in delicious gyoza wrappers and deep fried to utter perfection. Yeah, we’re drooling too.

Or, if you’re more a fan of the ‘cheese’ rather than the ‘burger’, allow us to introduce you to their mozzarella gyoza topped with Twistie salt. Crunchy, gooey and so delicious.

But if you thought gyoza was all they had up their sleeves, think again. This quirky Japanese eatery is home to a whole slew of unique foodie delights, including foot-long chips…

…raindrop cakes…

…and the fluffiest souffle pancakes we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Keen to gorge on these Insta-worthy dishes for yourself? Well, you’re in luck, because Scoopon has you covered. Queenslanders, click here to save 53% off at any Harajuku Gyoza location (Broadbeach, CBD, Southbank or Indooroopilly). Sydneysiders, click here to save 53% at Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium in Darling Harbour. You can thank us later!