9 Weird and Wonderful Desserts Around Australia

The ultra-realistic chocolate puppy mousse dessert on a bed of raspberry granita at Mimo Dessert Bar in Sydney

Australia is known for many things - beaches, Vegemite, kangaroos, drop bears, to name a few - but we reckon it’s about time we were recognised as the innovative dessert creators we are.

To prove it, we’re taking taking you on a tour of all the wackiest, tastiest and most Instagrammable desserts around the country. Bon appetit!

1. ‘Moo’ at Quay, Sydney

Dessert lovers shed a tear when Quay announced it was removing its famed Snow Egg from its menu, but they needn’t have feared, because head chef Peter Gilmore has gone and created something even more spectacular. ‘Moo’ features layers of salted caramel, dulce de leche, prune jam with aged Madeira, Jersey milk ice-cream, whipped Jersey cream, dark cocoa tuile biscuits - a dairy lover’s dream.

2. Black ant lamington at Attica, Melbourne

From one of Australia’s top restaurants to another, Attica’s latest dessert offering will have you scratching you head and licking your lips. The black ant lamington is an ice cream lamington that looks just like the classic bakery treats you know and love, with one small difference - the cocoa is replaced with black ants. Sounds gross, we know, but it’s actually surprisingly sweet and delicious.

3. ‘24K Gold Nutella Meets Kinder’ freak shake at 50sixone, Adelaide

50sixone is known for its crazy-decadent dessert creations, but the ‘24K Gold Nutella Meets Kinder’ is next level (and a little bougie). Basically, it’s a Nutella thick shake topped with Nutella ice cream wedged between two zeppole (Italian doughtnuts), Kinder chocolate and egg with 24K gold pebbles. Fancy AF.

4. ‘Loaded fries’ at The Doughnut Bar, Brisbane

We’re suckers for sweet takes on our savoury faves, and The Doughnut Bar’s ‘Loaded Fries’ have that need covered. We’re talking cinnamon-dusted doughnut fries topped with toasted marshmallows, Oreos, Nutella sauce and Nutella ice cream. ‘Drool-worthy’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.

5. Puppy mousse cake at Mimo Dessert Bar, Sydney

Mimo’s famous ultra-realistic chocolate puppy mousse cake is as delicious as it is mindblowing. That is, if you can manage to cut into something so adorable! Try it for yourself with two drinks for $19 with Scoopon.

6. Lamington cake at Dinner by Heston, Melbourne

Melbournian restaurants seem to have a thing for reinventing the lamington, and we’re not complaining! You might recognise Dinner by Heston’s lamington cake from a recent MasterChef challenge, but don’t worry, you don’t have to make this one - just enjoy. This multi-layered coconut cake is filled with raspberry, lemon myrtle and chocolate cream - all the good stuff.

7. Raindrop cake at Harajuku Gyoza, Brisbane

When you see it, you’ll understand why it’s called the raindrop cake. Harajuku Gyoza’s glorious gelatinous creation is gluten-free, vegan and comes in a few different flavours, all totally delish. Their salted caramel gyoza is also a must-try 🤤 Grab a taste with $40 credit to spend for just $19 with Scoopon!

8. Baklava ice cream sandwich at The Hummus Club, Perth

Baklava and ice cream - is there any sweeter combination? The fine folks at The Hummus Club think not, and their baklava ice cream sandwich is a celebration of this iconic Middle Eastern dessert. We’ll take three, please.

9. Thai milk tea lava toast at Charlie Rabbit, Sydney

Milk tea lovers, picture this: a cube of toast with a centre of molten Thai milk tea sauce, two scoops of Thai milk tea ice cream and whipped cream. It’s a totally unique and delicious flavour that has to be experienced to be believed. Try it with Scoopon and get $20 credit to spend for just $10 - hurry, the deal ends soon!

Feeling peckish? After all this sugary deliciousness, we don’t blame you. Curb those sweet cravings and feast on our tasty offers over at Scoopon now!

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