10 Ways to Nail Travel Photography With Any Camera


Travel photography is a tricky thing to do well! If you're planning a trip away, make sure that you have the skills to take the best travel snaps going around. You don't need a fancy, expensive camera, even a smartphone will do, because with our snapshot tips you'll come home with the all of your amazing memories recorded to make your friends and family a little jealous!

Take these 10 travel photography tips on the road...

1. Chase the light

Lighting is essential for good photography, so make sure you chase the best times of the day to take your photos. Sunrise and sunset always make for gorgeous backdrops! Make sure you assess the sun glare in your photos. You want them to come out  clear and crisp, not glary!

2. Familiarise yourself with your device

The biggest mistake you can make is start a trip or holiday with a new camera that you have never used before! You may miss the perfect shot while your desperately trying to figure out why the lens is black (note to self: it's probably because the lens cap is still on ;)) Make sure you familiarise yourself with your new camera or camera phone before you leave so that you'll be ready to go when you stumble upon that picture perfect moment.

3. Get up close and personal

The best way to feature people or animals in your photos is to get up close and personal with them! Animal photography up close create intimate and striking photos that really show off the emotion of the moment.

4. Remember to focus first!

One big and very common mistake with taking photos that most people make is not ensuring that the camera is in focus before the shot is taken. The photos will come out blurry even if your holding your camera steady. Camera phones especially can take a few seconds to focus. And of course, keeping your arm as steady as possible will help. Shakes and blurs tend to ruin the most perfect travel photos.

5. In the moment shots

No more posing in front of every tourist attraction you come across,the key to take the best photos is to show how you were feeling at that moment. Were you happy? Overwhelmed? Intrigued? Try to snap reactions of the people around you to create a photo that is unique, engaging and one that your friends back home will actually want to see!

6. Play with your angles

Not all photos look the best when taken straight on, play with your angles to get different perspectives in your shot. If you look up on the subject, it will appear taller which is a great trick when taking photos of buildings! Looking down on a subject will make them appear smaller.

7. Go when no-one else goes

If you love landscape photos that are uninterrupted with people, then commit to getting up that little bit earlier! Early mornings and late nights are the ultimate time for uninterrupted shots and can also give your photo an interesting and unique feeling.

8. Wander off the beaten track

We all love the tourist attractions as they make for significant points in a holiday, but often the best travel photos are taken of interesting and quirky moments encountered off the main strip. Go down alleyways, into stores and explore everything around you to give your photo album a good balance of happy snaps and great photography.

9. Create interesting composition

Composition refers to how the objects in the photo (people, architecture, trees etc) and the layout of the photo are organised. Normally, objects in a photo are centered, but creating playful compositions in your photos will give them a different look. Framing the photo will always make for a nice shot! 

10. Put the camera down once in a while

Don't get me wrong here, travel photos are a cherished piece of a trip to bring home. But they shouldn't control your tip. After all, you've travelled somewhere to experience a new way of living, different foods, foreign cultures and to relax comfortably. Don't spend your whole trip worrying about taking the best snapshot. Often, the moments where we're not distracted by our devices are our most favourite experiences of the trip!

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Did you find these tips helpful? Do you have your own great tip for taking travel photos? Let us know in the comments below!