The Guide to Snow Season for Beginners


If you're a newbie to skiing or snowboarding no need to worry. Ski resorts love you and there are so many things to do other than hitting the slopes.

No Snow, No Probs. Beginners Can Still Learn When Snow is Light

Intermediate, advanced and expert skiers need a decent amount of snowfall to have a full ride whereas beginners only need small runs of snow to learn from. While powder hounds (aka snow enthusiasts) anxiously await the arrival of fresh snow, beginners can make every weekend a snow weekend if they really want to master skiing/snowboarding.


Save Money and Plan In Advance

The snow can be a pricey venture especially when you're going for the first time and don't have any gear. Plan in advance and watch the savings pour in.

  1. Beginner packages. This is where it starts, the one stop kick-start to skiing. Beginner packages can include discounted accommodation, lift tickets and lessons. Offers are usually outside of school and university holiday periods.

  2. Early and late season. The snow might not be as good as peak season, so resorts offer deals to encourage people to ski during these periods. That's good news if you're a beginner because you'll still be able to learn and progress.

  3. Monday to Friday savings. Avoid the weekend warrior tax (and queues) and ski during the week. Not surprisingly, nightly accommodation and package rates are often less Monday to Friday than on weekends.

  4. Kids for free. Many resorts offer free tickets for toddlers. But if your kids are a bit older there are deals to help you save. Look for 'kids ski free' deals which can include lift passes, accommodation or lessons.

  5. Bundle, bundle, bundle. When you're looking at deals, don't just stop at accommodation and lift passes. See what else you can include like ski or snowboard equipment hire or lessons.


Snowboarding and Skiing Etiquette for Beginners

  • Know you’re limits. If you’re a newbie, stick to the bunny slopes. You don’t want to reach the top of a steep slope only to realise it’s out of your depth.

  • Fall with courtesy. If you’ve just had a really big wipe out, try to stay out of everyone’s way. Move to the side to nurse your bumps and bruises

  • When you've fallen, look before you get up. The natural tendency is to get straight up, right into an oncoming skier or snowboarder

  • Be aware of merging skiers and snowboarders

  • Know the right of way. The skier in front always has right of way

  • Share your chair lift. The 30-second ride up can be awkward but it’ll mean everyone can get more snow time. It’s a win-win.


There are also adventures to be had without a lift ticket. Activities include:

  • Snow tubing at Tube Town in Perisher

  • Thursday night from 5pm is Thredbo's Family Fun Night, where kids can participate for free in the Kids Flare Run and see the Thredboland animals.

  • Falls Creek's show and fireworks are on Thursday night's and includes free entertainment for kids.

  • Take a Sled Dog Tour at Mt Buller, perfect for couples, kids or families.

  • Perisher offers Snow Groomer tours on Tuesdays and Saturdays in July and August and Tuesdays during September.

  • Take time out for popcorn and a movie at Mt Buller cinemas

  • Snow shoeing and cross country skiing can get you into the backcountry

We can’t promise you’ll turn pro in a season but everyone has to start somewhere. The slopes are friendly and the snow is calling.