8 Ridiculously Expensive Christmas Gifts No One Needs But We Want Anyway


When you're a kid, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Santa, reindeers, finally getting those toys you've been desperate for all year long... is there anything better?

Once you're an adult, though, the magic starts to wear off. Our own gift wish list gets pushed to the wayside in favour of ensuring we've got all our loved one's pressies covered - because we're selfless like that.

But you know what? Sometimes it's okay to be a little selfish. Extravagant, even. Perhaps even excessively so. So with that in mind, why not treat yourself to one of these ridiculously, needlessly expensive gifts? Go on, you're worth it 😉

1. 93" Plush Bear - US$289.99


It's not so much the cost of this Costco bear that landed itself a spot on our list, but rather the sheer size. At over 236cm tall and weighing in at 22kg, this mammoth teddy is inconvenient and downright unnecessary, but that doesn't make us want it any less. Look how cute it is! 😍

2. Byredo Hand Cream Squeezer - US$330


At last! And yes, that's Italian marble. On the plus side, if you use it to squeeze out the last few ounces of all your almost-empty tubes (toothpaste, Vegemite...) you'll probably end up making your money back in a few years. We're sold.

3. Home Alone 2: Escape to New York Plaza Hotel Experience - from US$680

Follow in the footsteps of your childhood icon, Kevin McCallister, as you kick back in your Plaza Hotel room with a 10-scoop ice cream sundae delivered right to your bedside and $100 towards a shopping spree at FAO Schwarz, the real-life inspiration for Duncan's Toy Chest!

4. Tiffany 24K Gold Paperclip - $2,500


Full disclosure: This is actually a bookmark, so don't go thinking it's the same size as the ones on your desk at work. It's also the perfect accessory to go with your $240 2019 day planner in Tiffany Blue.

5. Cristallino Crystal Foosball Table - US$17,250

Ridiculously expensive Christmas gifts

Ridiculously expensive Christmas gifts

With the Cristallino Crystal Foosball Table, you can now challenge your mates to the most bougie table soccer match in history.

6. The Tranquility Pod - US$30,000


Ever wish you could just curl up in a cocoon and avoid the world? Now you can, thanks to the Hammacher Schlemmer Tranquility Pod! Aside from looking like it's straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Tranquility Pod boasts a noise-cancelling fibreglass exterior and temperature-controlled, suede memory foam-topped waterbed so you can kick back and relax while listening to your favourite tunes on the four-speaker sound system. Not going to lie, we're genuinely tempted by this one.

7. Brikk Lux iPhone XS Max Ingot - US$94,995


The Brikk Lux iPhone XS Max Ingot is exactly the same as the one you could get at your local Apple Store, except it's covered in 313 grams of 22K gold. Fun fact: For the price of one Brikk Lux iPhone XS Max Ingot, you could buy 65 regular iPhone XS Maxes, plus have enough left over for a night (or two) at a five-star hotel in Sydney.

8. Zafirro Iridium Razor - US$100,000


Ditch the Schick. Throw that Gilette in the bin. Your skin deserves only the best, so treat it to the creme de la creme - a razor made from 99.95% pure iridium with pure platinum screws and sapphire blades. Bonus: Since you'll never have to change the blades, you'll save at least that much in replacement heads over the years!

If, like us, you don't have tens of thousands of dollars to splash on solid gold iPhones and fibreglass daybeds but still want to give the gift of luxury, head on over to Scoopon to browse our huge range of unforgettable experiences on a budget. We're talking high tea, hot air balloon flights, two-hour pamper sessions and all-inclusive getaways.What are you waiting for? Christmas is in just over a week!