5 Overseas Holidays for Two This Winter Under $3,000


Winter is fast approaching, and that means one thing - it's FOMO season. After all, who likes being stuck at work when all their mates are posting envy-inducing snaps of their overseas holidays?

You can do better. That's why we've planned five warm-weather holidays for less than $3,000 for two people - so you and your best friend or partner can give those jet-setting pals a taste of their own medicine this winter.

Seminyak, Bali

Seminyak is your best bet for a chilled-out beach holiday, filled with great food and shopping. It also happens to be one of the most affordable overseas destinations for Aussies, offering fantastic value for money.

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First things first, let's talk flights. Keep in mind that our winter is Bali's dry season, so it's a hugely popular tourism period. Translation? It's expensive. That being said, if you're willing to do your research and set up travel alerts (or else sacrifice some sleep and comfort), you can nab flights to Bali Denpasar Airport for less than $300 return per person from the west coast and less than $500 return per person from the east coast.

That leaves you up to $2,300 or $2,000 to spend on accommodation, food, drinks, shopping and other fun stuff!

Speaking of accommodation, be sure to shop around. Check Scoopon Holidays regularly - we've got new Bali holiday packages going up all the time, and it could save you some serious cash.

Right now, you and your travel buddy can spend eight nights at the five-star Trans Resort Bali from $1,499. That includes a daily buffet breakfast, a nightly drink each (hello cocktails!), one Indonesian seafood buffet dinner, one yum cha lunch, two 30-minute massages each, plus plenty of dining discounts at some of Seminyak's hottest restaurants and more!

Waikiki, Hawaii

When it comes to holidays, there's nowhere on earth quite like Hawaii. With some of the world's best beaches, stunning mountainous landscapes, friendly locals and unbelievably good shopping, it's no surprise that it's also one of our favourite destinations.

Flights are a little more exxy than what you'd pay to go to Bali, but keep your eye out and you could save big. Jetstar often runs sales that lower the price of a return flight to around $500, which could leave you with up to $2,000 to spend on accommodation, dining and shopping.

Because it's one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, hotels don't come cheap - especially during the Aussie winter, which coincides with the USA's summer holidays. In fact, most resorts will set you back more than $300 per night.

Instead, try Airbnb. If you don't mind being a little further from the beach, you can find somewhere to stay for about $1,500 for seven nights.

The rest of your money can then go to cocktails by the beach at Duke's, massive meals at The Cheesecake Factory and shopping sprees at Ala Moana Centre!

Phuket, Thailand

Who needs Croatia or Spain when you could experience the rich culture, delicious cuisine, spectacular beaches and awe-inspiring natural beauty of Thailand with an exotic escape to Phuket?

Because our winter lands during Thailand's monsoon season, accommodation is generally much cheaper. Sure, you'll experience a bit of rain, but the lack of crowds makes it one of the most peaceful travel periods in the area.

Flights to Phuket with budget airlines start at less than $400 return per person, though non-stop flights can edge closer to $800. Like every destination on our list, keep your ear to the ground and jump on those sales!

No matter how much you have left to spend on accommodation, though, you'll still get great value for money. Right now, for example, you can enjoy 10 nights at the stunning Mandarava Resort and Spa overlooking Karon Beach from $999. That includes a daily American breakfast buffet, a Thai lunch, a 30-minute massage each and heaps more.

Mykonos, Greece

Yes, it's possible to live out your Greek Islands daydream for less than the cost of a dodgy second-hand car! Let's be clear, you won't be living in luxury, but if you're happy to make a few sacrifices, it's perfectly manageable.

From as little as $800 per person (departing Sydney), you can fly Scoot to Athens. This comes with a few caveats - no checked baggage (just 10kg of carry-on), no meals, no entertainment, and a seriously lengthy stopover on the way home - 11 and a half hours, to be exact.

If you can manage it, though, you'll land in Athens with $1,400 to spend on accommodation and travel to Mykonos. Luckily, the ferry ride will only set you back around $50 per person (depending on currency rates), leaving you with $1,300 when you disembark.

With many budget apartments and hostels on the island going for as little as $100 per night in the middle of peak season, you can fit in a decent break and still have some cash leftover for sunset dinners, beachside drinks, or even a bit of partying - after all, Mykonos is renowned for its nightlife!

Tokyo, Japan

Konnichiwa! The Land of the Rising Sun has been captivating travellers for decades, and there's no better place to throw yourself in the thick of things than in magnificent Tokyo.

With its bright lights, incredible food, cosy izakaya bars, cat cafes and colourful shops, you could spend years in Tokyo and still not get everything done.

From the east coast, flights during June to August start around $800 return per person and around $900 from the east coast. However, Jetstar, Scoot and other airlines regularly have sales that can see prices as low as $300 with free return flights, so keep an eye out!

Even $1,000 is enough to get you decent accommodation in Tokyo, with plenty of budget hotels, hostels and Airbnbs around the $100 per night mark.

Whatever you have left can be spent exploring this mysterious, eclectic city with your loved one. Sushi, ramen, late-night karaoke and shopping in Harajuku... don't mind if we do!

Can't quite afford $3,000? Feel like splurging? No matter what your budget or where your wanderlust wants to take you, Scoopon Holidays has a package for everyone.