QUIZ: Where Your Next Holiday Should Be


It might feel like it’s time for a holiday… but the hardest part can be deciding where to go. With competitive airline pricing making it even easier to travel further from home, the options are now literally endless. But you don’t have to stress - simply take our quiz and let us tell you where to start planning your next getaway to!

Take our simple quiz below (and take note of which options you chose) to find out where to go next. 

Which season do you prefer travelling in?

A) Winter, so I can escape the cold and go somewhere warm

B) Spring, not too hot, not too cold

C) I don't really mind

D) Summer

What are you most in need of right now?

A) Relaxation

B) Adventure

C) Something new and exciting

D) A quick getaway - something close to home

What do you least enjoy about travelling?

A) The stress

B) Deciding on an itinerary

C) Doing the same old beaten track as everyone else

D) Flying

Who are you travelling with?

A) A group of friends

B) My partner

C) Myself

D) The family 

How much time have you got to play with?

A) A couple of weeks

B) About a month

C) A week

D) A long weekend

If you answered....

Mostly As: A blissful Balinese villa retreat

Picture this: your own private luxury villa with your own pool, butler and anything you could ever need during your break. You can leave the villa to go explore all that Bali has to offer - dining, shopping, volcanoes and more - or you can catch up on much-needed R&R with your every need catered to. Sounds good right?

Mostly Bs: An unforgettable European adventure

Why go to just one destination when you can go to a new city (or even country) a day! Europe is packed with new cultures to immerse yourself in - there are iconic tourist attractions and architecture to be seen, foods to be eaten and life-changing experiences to be had. Take the stress out of your trip and book yourself onto a tour to pack as much into your days as possible.

Mostly Cs: A luxury haven in Dubai

This intriguing gem in the UAE is a piece of paradise waiting to be explored… and here, you’ll find luxury and culture like no other. Let yourself indulge in world-class accommodation with fine dining, designer shopping and more, take a trip into the city to explore the markets, try local delights and meet the locals, or let yourself have fun at the theme parks, iconic pools and more. It’s all waiting for you in Dubai!

Mostly Ds: A local getaway to the stunning Sunshine Coast

The best part about living in Australia is that you don’t have to go very far to have a holiday. Pack up the car and drive up to the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, a masterpiece of Mother Nature. Staying in first-class accommodation, you’ll have beautiful beaches, quaint hinterland towns and waterfront dining, all at your fingertips.