How to Find Your Happy Place in Fiji

Heron Island 2

Heron Island 2





Australians are flocking to Fiji as the number one South Pacific destination to escape the crappy Australian winter.  There's nothing like feeling the sand between your toes and tasting delights from swim-up cocktail bars with all of the fresh flavours of Fiji.

Known as a happy place for many Australian travellers, there are many way to get your dose of pure happy vibes in Fiji. If you're in need of an injection of bliss this holiday season, you'll find it in Fiji.

So what's the best way to soak up the happy vibes in Fiji? Well, here's a few local tricks!

Experience some world class snorkeling

Imagine almost 8,000 square kilometers of amazingly bright colours to feast your eyes. Well, that's exactly what Fiji has to offer! With world class snorkelling sights under the clear blue waters, you'll get a visual encounter filled with every colour of the rainbow and littered with incredible fishes that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Increase your vitamin D dosage by soaking up the sun

Upping your dosage of direct sunlight through a trip to Fiji is certainly a great excuse to go! It's more than likely that there is a strong link between the happy locals and the amount of uninterrupted vitamin D they receive through the gorgeous Fijian sun.

Hangout with the locals

The Fijian locals are known for their happy dispositions as you'll certain to hear a friendly "Bula" everywhere you go. The locals nearby in the communities and villages also like to run on what's known as Fijian Time, an islander concept where time does not exist and things just go with the flow.

Try the Fijian formula for happiness: palm tress + sand + fresh coconuts

Happiness in Fiji is simple, follow this formula from Tourism Fiji and you're sure to find your happy place. Palm trees are all over the island, the sand is white gold and fresh coconuts are readily available. Stick to these three essentials and your day is set.

Zone out in the peaceful shimmering blue waters

For most people, water equals serenity and heading out to Denaurau Island you'll be surround by nothing but shimmering peaceful serenity. What could be better than zoning out so that all you can see is crystal clear water? That's right, nothing!

Get out into nature

Take time to explore the untouched parts of this paradise island and appreciate the simple way of living away from all of our day to day distractions. Get out into the gorgeous landscapes! Try stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, jet-skiing, zip-lining, mountain biking... the list is endless!

Where to go in Fiji

Fiji is made up of over 300 islands and one of the most popular getaway spots is Denarau Island, hosting many of the luxury hotels like Sheraton, Sofitel, Radisson and Hilton. Whether you’re a 5 star traveller looking for a touch of luxury or a family seeking a new holiday destination for kids, Denarau has something for everyone. Many of the resorts cater for both families as well as having adult only areas for some well-deserved peace and quiet.

Nothing beats the warm smiles and a big "Bula" from the Fijian people. When you arrive in Fiji you’re not a tourist, but a guest of the destination with locals likely to send a big smile your way. They pride themselves on always showcasing the best hospitality in the Pacific.

When is a good time to go to Fiji?

Fiji is a great all year round destination, however there are distinct seasons which slightly effect the weather. The warm season is from November to April and the cool season is from May to October. Temperatures are generally quite warm and even in the cooler months the average temperature still stays around 22 °C.

How to get to your happy place!

Getting to Fiji has never been easier with direct flights flying from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on Fiji’s national airline carrier – Fiji Airways. Your Fiji experience starts the moment you check-in at the airport, it really is like nothing else that you will experience. On arrival into Fiji you will be looked after from customs, to the luggage carousel, to your transport.Whether it's blue lagoons, white sandy beaches or the buzzing Denarau Marina, Fiji has a warm spot waiting for you and your loved ones.

How do you find your happy place when you're travelling? Still need to find your happy place in Fiji, check out Scoopon's deals here.