Get in Shape for Summer, the Fun Way


As they say, summer bodies are made in winter… so now that August has rolled around, it’s time to start shrugging off those winter blues and slipping on your activewear.

But we can’t all be hardcore gym junkies, and for many of us, the thought of slugging it out on the treadmill makes us want to hide back under our cosy doonas. So to get you up, active and ready to kick goals, we’ve been out there researching all the ways to get fit that are actually kind of fun - check them out!

Shake it like a Bollywood star

The smiles you see on Bollywood stars aren’t fake - Bollywood dancing is just that much fun! As well as learning some new moves and expanding your dance repertoire, you’ll also work out your entire body - because Bollywood is a fantastic form of cardio!

Jump around

Indoor trampoline centres are all the rage right now… and no, they’re not just for kids! You’d be amazed at what all that bouncing, flipping and jumping around can do for your fitness - and the best part is, it’s so much fun you’ll forget you’re actually there to work out.

Go old school with squash

You might remember your parents going out to play it when you were little… but we’re here to tell you that squash is BACK, and back in a big way! Aside from the fact that a game of squash gets your whole body moving, it’s also a super social thing to enjoy with friends.


While being ordered to “get down and give 20” may not be everyone’s idea of a fun workout, bootcamp certainly does get results… and it gets you outside! This military-inspired workout regime is definitely an escape from the gym, and one that’s bound to help you kick goals. 

Be loud and proud with belly dancing

It’s graceful, it’s sensual, and it gives you a chance to proudly show off your body, no matter your shape or size… as well as a fun way to get in touch with your sensuality, belly dancing is also a great way to work out your core.

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