Interesting Places to Spend Christmas


However you spend the day, Christmas is always a milestone event. Whether it’s spent lunching with the family, drinking bubbles with friends or treating relatives to a long-awaited visit, you’ll always be able to look back and name where you were and what you did each year on the 25th. So why not make next Christmas stand out in your mind, and do something extra special this year?

Balinese Bliss

A popular holiday destination for Australians all year round, Bali can be particularly special at Christmas time. With its beautiful beaches, intriguing temples and fabulous holiday vibes all wrapped up into affordable family-sized packages, it’s a fantastic location for a big, unforgettable family Christmas. And if you’re missing that traditional element, check out the Christmas services and festivities around the Christian enclaves of Belimbingsari and Palasari.

The Famous Christmas Markets

It’s on many people’s bucket lists, and for good reason… the German Christmas markets are one of the most famous festive events in the world. Though they’re found all over the nation, Nuremberg is known for being home to one of the oldest and most traditional markets, selling strictly handcrafted products and delicacies. And who knows - it might be a chance to finally experience one of those White Christmases that we hear Europeans talking about!


A Local Haven

Of course, if you’re looking for a Christmas family getaway, you don’t necessarily have to go abroad - Australia is full of fabulously festive holiday destinations. Noosa on the Sunshine Coast is a great example, with Christmas day showcasing an impressive array of Christmas lights and cheer along the famous Hastings Street, with both local and visiting families setting up for a blissful day of seafood and bubbles on the beach, in true Aussie-Christmas fashion.

Discover Santa’s Workshop

For a truly memorable Christmas that the kids especially will love, nothing beats a trip to the Santa’s Workshop in Lapland, Finland. Way up in the north of this arctic country is a spectacular winter wonderland filled with real-life reindeer, chances to meet Santa, sleigh rides and plenty of other festive activities. With accommodation in warm, cosy log cabins, this is a Christmas dream for many - just remember to rug up!


Embrace the Festivities

Christmas often strikes up images of European winters… but Gramado in Brazil is fast coming up as one the most festive Christmas destinations in the world, home to the festival of Natal Luz, or the ‘festival of light’. Originating from a single candlelit concert in 1986, the festival has now grown into a spectacular Christmas event, with many people travelling from all over the world to witness it. Brazil sure does know how to throw a party!

Escape the Madness

On the other hand, you might simply be looking for an escape this Christmas, away from all of the hustle and bustle… and a retreat to the serene tropics of Khao Lak in Thailand just might be the answer! With the majority of the nation identifying as Buddhist, Christmas isn’t a significant event in Thailand - so if it’s an escape that you’re after, start dreaming of a luxury resort stay, with days spent by a secluded Khao Lak beach… cheers to that!

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