8 Podcasts Every True Crime Buff Needs in Their Life

You've listened to Serial about six times. The My Favourite Murder girls feel like your besties. It's high time you got a fresh batch of true crime podcasts to satisfy your hunger for mystery. That's where we come in. Time to cancel your plans, grab some snacks, plug in those earphones and get listening!

1. Happy Face

Being a teenager is hard, there's no doubt about it. Being a teenager and finding out your father is a serial killer? Well, it doesn't get much tougher than that.

Hosted by Melissa Moore, this podcast follows the crimes of her own father, Keith Hunter Jesperson, a.k.a. The Happy Face Killer (pictured above). With eight confirmed victims (though Jesperson claims his number is as high as 185), he was one of the most prolific serial killers of the 90s and earned his nickname due to his penchant for drawing smiley faces in his letters to the media.

It's chilling, heartbreaking, and offers a perspective so rarely seen in true crime podcasts.

2. True Crime Garage

The premise of True Crime Garage is simple: Two dudes (Nic and the Captain) sitting in a garage, drinking beer and chatting about true crime. Perfect for those who like a dash of comedy sprinkled in when they're listening to stories about the horrible things humans do.

3. Over My Dead Body

Fans of Dirty John will love Wondery's latest podcast, Over My Dead Body which tells yet another stranger-than-fiction story of love gone wrong. After meeting in the mid-2000s, lawyer Dan and law student Wendi quickly fell in love, got married (their announcement even ran in the New York Times) and had two children.

Everything was perfect - until Dan got an interstate job offer. Against Wendi's wishes, he accepted the job and the family moved, prompting cracks to appear in their otherwise idyllic life. What follows is a nasty divorce and a murder case you have to listen to to believe.

4. Australian True Crime

Thought the US had all the bad guys? Meshel Laurie's Australian True Crime podcast will make you think again. Along with true crime author Emily Webb (and the occasional guest), Laurie revisits some of Australia's most notorious crimes, as well as examining some of the forgotten mysteries that still plague victims' families to this day.

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5. Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad

Speaking of My Favourite Murder,if you're a fan, you're probably familiar with a man named Paul Holes. If not, allow us to introduce you to the man, the myth, the legend that helped finally identify the Golden State Killer.

In The Murder Squad, Holes and Billy Jensen (who helped finish Michelle McNamara's incredible book about the GSK) team up to dig deep into unsolved murders and disappearances. With Holes' detective skills and Jensen's journalistic flair, it's an awesome combination.

6. Most Notorious!

Are you as obsessed with history as you are with true crime? Most Notorious! is here to scratch both those itches. From trial by combat in medieval France to Bonnie and Clyde to the Manson Family, Erik Rivenes takes us on a journey through history's most unusual, diabolical and famous crimes.

7. How I Survived

That's Life! magazine may remind you of waiting at the doctor's office, but damn if they don't make a good podcast! For a pleasant change of pace from all the doom-and-gloom crime cases that intrigue us so very much, How I Survived brings first-hand stories of survival in the most unimaginable circumstances. It's sad, gripping and utterly inspiring.

8. Broken Harts

When Sarah and Jennifer Hart, both white, adopted six beautiful African-American children ranging from the age of 12 to 19, they became local legends and, from the outside, appeared to be the perfect blended family. Then, in early 2018, their van was found at the bottom of the cliff in what most believed to be a tragic accident. Soon, however, investigators discovered evidence that led to the conclusion that this 'accident' was anything but.