Best Kris Kringle Gifts to Make You a Star in the Office


You've picked the name out of the hat, and now it's time to produce a spectacular Secret Santa gift for Gary in HR with a measly $20 limit. What now?

Fear not, desperate shoppers, we've got you well and truly covered with last-minute present ideas for every type of deskmate, from the office clown to the quiet IT guy you know nothing about.

For the Foodie


You know the one. That guy that always comes in with deliciously aromatic lunches that put your sad sandwich to shame. Encourage his love of all things gastronomic with a copy of the Good Food Guide 2019, the most-trusted source of restaurant recommendations and the home of the Chef Hat awards. We've been a bit cheeky here - it's technically over budget by $3.75, but if you get them the ebook, you'll still have a cent to spare. Bargain!

For the Office Joker


He's always been the jester, but now you can make him become a lord. Seriously. For just $15, you can grant your office comedian the title of Laird, Lord or Lady of Pierpoint-Archer or Kirkland. Just don't let it go to their head!

For the Beauty Guru

She's always got on-point makeup and seems to wear a new shade of liquid lippy every day, so why not expand her collection with two gorgeous nude matte shades? This $17 bareMinerals set from Mecca has crazy-good reviews and are sure to earn you the title of Best Work Wife Ever.


We also love the tarte Beach, Sleep, Repeat Color Collection - it's just $15 from Sephora and has two travel-sized faves: A mascara and an Amazonian clay blush.


For the Ultra-Organised


Everything is colour-coded. There isn't a speck of dust on their desk. Their area is perfect and it makes you want to get your life sorted out. Sorry, is that just us? Help them maintain their chic, minimalist aesthetic with an eGift Card to the Swedish stationery wonderland kikki.K for 25% off! That means if you get a $20 gift card, you've got $5 left over to spend on yourself a small box of choccies to go with it. Score!

For the New Parent

Kris Kringle gift for New Parents

Kris Kringle gift for New Parents

They're always showing you pictures of their bundle of joy and gushing about what a good sleeper they are, but behind closed doors, your office's new mum or dad is desperate for a bit of relaxation and a good night's sleep. Pamper them with a gift box of natural bathtime goodies from Lush - the $16.95 Sweet Christmas box has a candy cane bubble bar and a snowflake bath bomb for the ultimate relaxation sesh.Or give them a brief escape from reality with a one-month Netflix or Stan subscription!

For the Fur Parent


They're always showing you pictures of their bundle of joy and gushing about what a good sleeper they are... wait. Haven't we been here before? Anyway, they know their furry friend is the most magical creature on the planet, but why not make it official with this uber-cute unicorn costume from Typo for just $14.99? Then you can spend your leftover fiver on some treats for their precious pupper. They deserve it.

For the Hypochondriac

Surely she's used up all her sick leave by now, right? What was it she diagnosed herself with last week, tuberculosis? Give her the gift of a little peace of mind with an at-home allergy and food intolerance test for just $19 (for the bronze package). It may be just what she needs to figure out the culprit behind her constant health woes!

For the Co-Worker You Know Nothing About


They're quiet, don't have much on their desk to help you understand their interests, and you have zero idea of what to get them. Welcome to 90% of office Secret Santa exchanges. Now, you could always go down this route:

(No judgement, we love a good candle.)

But the best thing to do is ask yourself, 'Would I be happy if I received this?' If the answer's yes, you're onto a winner.

Otherwise, you can always go for one of these fail-safe ideas:

  • Succulent for their desk

  • Spotify subscription

  • Cute mug with some tea or coffee

  • Nice bottle of wine and some chocolates

  • Fan for their desk

  • Portable charger

  • Nah, Oprah is right, you can't go wrong with a candle

And, if all else fails and time has completely run out, don't stress! We've got hundreds of incredible (and budget-friendly) wellness and dining deals on Scoopon that they'd be crazy not to love.