5 Best Korean Fried Chicken Joints Around the Country


Ahhh KFC, how we love you. Juicy, tender chicken, perfectly marinated and fried to perfection... what's not to love? Wait - we're talking about Korean fried chicken. What did you think we were on about?

If you haven't yet caught on to this foodie sensation sweeping the nation, it's time to get those tastebuds acquainted. You can thank us later 😉

Brisbane: Seoul Bistro

A bowl of Korean fried chicken on a bed of fries, covered in cheese sauce

Image credit: @foodsmut/Instagram

Six words: All-you-can-eat fried chicken. That's what's on offer at Sunnybank's Seoul Bistro, the Korean-Japanese fusion eatery with a cult following. They've got a pretty damn finger-lickin' good a la carte menu, but for just $21.90 per person, you can gorge on unlimited fried chicken wings, fries, garlic bread and lemon iced tea. We know what we're picking...

Sydney: Chir Chir

Venus Cheesy Chicken at Chir Chir in Burwood

Image credit: @gabreal.hungry/Instagram

Korea's famous Chir Chir fried chicken chain has finally made its way down under (to Burwood, specifically) and we couldn't be happier. On top of their iconic Venus Cheesy Chicken (see above) and a gazillion flavours of fried chicken, they've also got delish hotpots, crispy onion rings, loaded fries and tons more. Insta-worthy dishes that still pack a flavour punch? Don't mind if we do...

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Melbourne: Gami Chicken & Beer

Two hands clinking glasses of beer over fried chicken at Gami Chicken and Beer in Melbourne

Image credit: @gamichickenbeer/Instagram

The brainchild of four Korean exchange students who met at Monash Uni, this beloved Melbourne chicken joint is a celebration of chimaek - the mouthwatering Korean tradition of pairing fried chicken with beer. Apologies, vegans, but chook is pretty much all that's on the menu at Gami, and they sure know how to do it well.

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Adelaide: Ban Ban

A takeaway box of Korean fried chicken and a side of coleslaw from Ban Ban Adelaide

Image credit: @hangry_hunnies/Instagram

It's only been around a year, but Ban Ban in the CBD has already proven itself a Korean fried chicken force to be reckoned with. They've even got plant-based fried chicken for your vego mates that looks and tastes like the real thing. Oh, and they do spam fries, too. No, we don't mean spam-loaded potato fries, we mean fried spam strips instead of potato. Sounds weird, we know, but they're weirdly delicious.

Perth: 7 Grams

Takeaway bags of fried chicken in three different flavours with kimchi and salad on the side

Image credit: @perthyums/Instagram

This unassuming North Perth eatery may not be the most glamorous place in the world, but with KFC this good, who cares. Whether you like your chook spicy, garlicky or smothered in liquid cheese, you're catered for here. They also do a mean burger and melt-in-the-mouth beef bulgogi, if you feel like branching out from legs 'n' wings.

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