8 Chillingly Good Horror Movies Even Scaredy-Cats Will Love

A young couple are sitting on a grey sofa watching a horror movie. The woman is eating popcorn and the man is covering her eyes

We love a good scary movie here at Scoopon - in fact, we reckon we’re pretty much experts on the matter. To prove it, we’ve sacrificed our sleep to watch all the terrifying flicks on Netflix and Stan and bring you the ultimate list of each platform’s best horror movies.

Turn off the lights and break out the popcorn - it’s time to get spooky.


The Invitation

Vibe: Psychological tension with a hint of ‘WTF’

If you love a movie that’ll have you on the edge of your seat for an hour and 40 minutes, The Invitation is for you. When Will and his new girlfriend Kira are invited to a dinner party at Will’s ex-wife’s house, along with a group of old friends, he’s immediately suspicious of her (and her new man’s) motives. For fear of spoiling anything, we’ll stop there - but we will tell you you’ll be questioning everything until the end.


Vibe: Quiet, minimalistic and creepy… very creepy

Some movies make you scared to leave the house, others make you want to escape. Hush does both. Maddie is a deaf-mute writer living happily on an isolated, rural property with her cat when she finds herself the target of a crazed masked stalker. What follows is an eerily silent cat-and-mouse game… but who will win?


Vibe: Supernatural suspense that’ll make you afraid of mirrors forever

When their parents meet violent, untimely deaths, Kaylie and brother Tim, just children at the time, begin to suspect their creepy antique mirror (or whatever lurks within it) is behind the tragedy. In fact, 10 years later, Kaylie believes she’s found evidence that the mirror was responsible for 45 deaths over four centuries, and she thinks she knows how to put an end to it once and for all.

The Exorcist

Vibe: Old-school chills that still spook

It’s hard to believe this iconic flick was made over 45 years ago - it’s even scarier than most of the horror coming out of Hollywood today. If you’re not already acquainted, The Exorcist follows a young girl named Regan and her mother, played by the iconic Ellen Burstyn. When Regan suddenly begins levitating and speaking in tongues, a priest, believing her to be possessed by the devil, enlists the help of an expert…


Let the Right One In

Vibe: If Twilight was Swedish and actually good

You’ll have to turn the subtitles on for this one, but trust us, it’s worth it. Unlike a certain teen book and film series, Let the Right One In does vampire romance in an unnervingly touching and totally non-cheesy way. It follows the relationship between bullied 12-year-old boy Oskar and his mysterious new next-door neighbour, who just so happens to be a vampire.


Vibe: High school woes and bloody revenge

The OG one, of course, not the mediocre 2013 remake. Based on Stephen Kings’s iconic novel, Carrie stars Sissy Spacek as a sensitive, innocent teenager who is mercilessly bullied at school and constantly oppressed by her highly religious mother at home. Suddenly, Carrie’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is invited to the prom by the most popular guy in school and starts developing supernatural powers.

The Awakening

Vibe: Historical drama full of ghostly twists and turns

Set in the 1920s, right after World War I, The Awakening follows Florence Cathcart, an author who works with the police to expose supernatural hoaxes and frauds. After being invited to investigate a suspected haunting at a boys’ boarding school - a ghost child believed to have caused the recent death of a pupil- she’s forced to confront her own ghosts…

Scream 1 - 3

Vibe: Classic slasher with the ultimate ‘90s cast

Look, you’re not getting any sleep tonight after watching any of these anyway, so why not make it a triple feature? This cult film series takes place in the fictional town of Woodsboro, where teenagers are being terrorised and systematically murdered by a maniacal masked killer dubbed ‘Ghostface’. Don’t worry, there’s a nice dash of humour and satire in there to balance out the gore.

Now you’ve got the movie picked - and since you’ll probably be too scared to cook - why not check out our range of scarily good takeaway offers? Night sorted!