8 Travel Apps That Will Save Your Trip From Disaster


Travelling is something that everyone should do to treat the soul and absorb the world around us. But sometimes travelling can lead you into disastrous situations. Getting lost, having no connections, and not speaking the local language can drive you all the way up shit creek with no paddle! We know that you'd rather be in beautiful Bora Bora or Thailand than stuck in a metaphorical creek somewhere, we've compiled a list of the right tools to keep you on track to your next destination. From maps to money, here's our top travel apps to save your trip from disaster!

For when you can't figure out what to pack

Getting all excited for an upcoming holiday? Realised you haven't started packing yet and have no idea where to start? Packing for a trip can be an overwhelming experience, especially if your trip involves many destinations of fluctuating weather conditions. To avoid the whole issue of packing, Pack Point takes the stress out of deciding what to bring with you. Simply select your gender, destination, whether your trip is for business of leisure, plus select a few activities that you're likely to do when you're away and Pack Point will determine all the possible items you will need to pack. You can edit this ready-made list to suit your needs and use the check boxes to ensure that everything goes in the suitcase as planned. It also has a neat weather function and predicts items of clothing for the weather in your destination.

Pack Point - Android and iOS 

For when you need to keep organised and on schedule

You want to get the most out of your next adventure, so you've packed your itinerary fuller than your suitcase! Don't get stuck rummaging through all of your bags just to find the recipt or ticket you need when standing in line for your next flight, or trying to check-in to your hotel. TripIt is the best organising app for getting your itinerary under control. It's the "I can't find my flight number" app that will store all of your important information and details in one handy place. You can even access your plan and tickets when offline, so no big data charges!

TripIt - Android and iOS

For when you get lost!

Getting lost in an unfamiliar country is one of the worst feelings to experience when travelling. If only you could access your Google maps, but you can't find a good WiFi connection anywhere! This is where Maps.me comes in. Maps.me is an offline mapping app that allows you to access worldwide, detailed maps for times when you are lost and without internet access. This app also gives you information on points of interest near you, so at least you can enjoy yourself next time you get lost in the world.

Maps.me - Android and iOS

For when you desperately need to check into Facebook or upload an instagram pic

Speaking of being lost and without a WiFi connection, WiFi finder is a lifesaver when it comes to this issue. This smart app works offline and uses your current location to show you nearby free and pay for WiFi spots to connect to. It also rates these connections from strongest to weakest, so you know which to choose. Simply follow the map provided to get to the nearest location and you'll never miss your next Instagram opportunity.

WiFi Finder - Android and iOS 

For when you don't speak the language

If you are one of the many people in the world who only know how to speak one language, you will inevitably find yourself in a bind at some point when you're travelling to a foreign country with multiple languages. For those times when you need to communicate, but don't speak the local language, Google has got you covered! Google Translate allows you to translate between 90 languages and can be accessed offline. Plus it can translate from voice, keyboard and even from pictures (for when you need to know what that confusing street sign actually means).

Google Translate - Android and iOS

 For when you don't quite know where to go next!

Ok, you got me, so this is not entirely a disaster! But what would be a disaster is if you made it all the way home again and discovered an amazing place right around the corner from where you were staying that you missed out on because you didn't know about it! Trover is a great app for regular travellers to create visual bucket lists and connect with other travellers to get the best tips and tricks for wherever you are in the world.

Trover - Android and iOS 

For when you need instant maths skills!

If there's one thing that spells disaster for me on holidays, it's having to rely on my terrible maths skills. Tipulator is an app (only on iOS) that takes the struggle out of having to calculate tipping percentages and works out everything from the bill plus tip amount to how to split the bill properly.

Tipulator - iOS

For when you have an emergency in a foreign country

No one wants to imagine having an emergency situation whilst on holidays, but sadly these things can happen. To prepare for this, we recommend downloading the TravelSafe Pro app (only on Android), which gives you instant access to emergency services numbers for almost every country in the world. You can also get details of the nearest emergency services locations if you're ever in a bind. Don't waste time getting stressed and grab this app for those "just in case" moments.

TravelSafe Pro - Android

So if you're planning a trip for sometime soon, make sure you're prepared for any situation with these 8 travel apps! Most of them are free with some at a small price. Hopefully you'll never have to use them in a disaster situation, but it's good to know that you'll be covered!

Do you have any must have apps for when you go travelling? We'd love to add them to the list so be sure to let us know!