6 Essential Fiji Experiences


When someone asks you to picture a tropical paradise, more often than not it’s an image of a palm-studded white sand beach set alongside a crystal-clear azure ocean. And Fiji is every bit the tropical paradise you’d be daydreaming about, so it’s no wonder then that Australians are continuing to flock to this stunning South Pacific destination. Here are eight essential adventures to have in Fiji that may serve as inspiration when it comes time to book your next trip.

Go snorkelling

Fiji beckons travellers to its shores with beautiful, pristine waters and soft, warm sands. And there is no better way to explore the extraordinary marine wilderness that lies beneath the ocean surface than with a face mask and snorkel. The South Pacific boasts over 700 species of coral and over 3000 species of fish. Spotted, striped and dotted, it’s hard to believe that such an amazing array of sublimely vibrant colours can exist. Whether it’s snorkelling with manta rays in the Yasawas or scuba diving near Taveuni, there is an incredible diversity of marine life to discover.

See a fire-walking ceremony

Beqa Island, located off Vitu Levu’s southern coast, is home to the Sawau tribe, who originated the traditional art of fire-walking. This important celebration is a way of life for many generations living in Fiji and the act of fire-walking takes a great deal of preparation and training. You can experience the fire-walking ceremony at the Lalati Resort and Spa and witness brave warriors stepping over burning embers from a lovo (earth oven) shouting “O-vulo-vulo!”

Explore the famous Mamanuca group of islands

Mamanuca is a group of around 20 gorgeous islands that feature everything from a secluded resorts on Navini Island to trendy bars on Mana and Beachcomber islands. One of the idyllic islands Monuriki, was the island from the Tom Hanks movie Castaway. You can take day trips to the islands, go on a multi-day cruise or take to the skies and experience them from a unique vantage point with a helicopter tour from Nadi International Airport.

Hike the Falls of Taveuni

You’ll find the Falls of Taveuni on Taveuni Island, a veritable paradise, that is almost entirely protected as part of the Bouma National Heritage Park. The park is overflowing with beautiful orchids and ancient tree ferns as well as majestic waterfalls and natural water slides. The Tavoro waterfalls are definitely one of the most impressive examples and a must see. They stand almost 20 metres high and give way to a huge blanket of cascading white water which falls into a pristine pool below.

Stay in an overwater bungalow

Likuliku Lagoon Resort on Malolo island home to Fiji’s only overwater huts or ‘Bures’, which are made using traditional architecture and materials. The huts are right on the edge of a beautiful natural reef overlooking a pristine lagoon and protected marine sanctuary. Glass floors and glass counters make sure that you can appreciate the spectacular scenery right through the floor of your own bungalow. Suddenly just relaxing or reading a book in your own resort room becomes an unforgettable experience.

Go on a tour of a traditional Fijian village

If you’re keen experience some of the unique Fijian culture then visiting a traditional Fijian village like Viseisei is a must. According to legend, Viseisei is the landing site of the first Fijians. The mataqali here are descendants of the first Melanesians who landed around 1500 A.D. It’s a great opportunity to learn about Fijian traditions and history and even buy some handmade jewellery, wood carvings and other souvenirs.