5 Ways to De-Stress on The Mornington Peninsula


Every week another seven stressful, busy days pass by and sometimes we all need a break. If you're finding yourself needing a little dose of therapy this weekend, we suggest heading down to the incredible Mornington Peninsula to soak up some minerals, toss back a few wines and indulge in some gourmet morsels. After all, we work hard, we deserve to play hard too.

Here's 5 different ways to put your mind at ease this weekend down the Mornington Peninsula

1. Bike tracks and walking trails

How often do you have time to get out on your bike during your busy working week? If you're in need of a solid session on the bike tracks then look no further than one of the 30 bike tracks scattered around the peninsula. Not a bike rider? Then grab your running shoes and get a good dose of exercise to release those endorphins and feel good vibes. Feeling adventurous? Jump on horseback and experience an entirely different way to ride.

2. Culinary therapy

The Mornington Peninsula is home to some of the finest eateries and bars in Victoria. From Italian flavours at DOC Mornington to breakfast at Buckley's Chance in Sorrento and all the way out to The Portsea Hotel with gorgeous gastropub dining and a magnificent vista out over the coastline. Treating yourself to a delicious meal is a great form of escapism to de-stress and disconnect from your busy life, if only for a few minutes.


3. Explore your curiosity

Sometimes de-stressing means getting out of the city and relaxing the mind. But if you have a mind that prefers to be stimulated, the idea of relaxing can often feel stressful as you have nothing to do!~ If this is the case, we suggest hitting up the Enchanted Maze Garden just a short drive from the peninsula coast. There's mazes, fairy gardens and a haunted house to keep the kids entertained and parent's can relax at the garden cafe or get their adventure on with a session of tree surfing.

4. Soak in a bathing experience

Melbourne's favourite spa experience out of town is located close to Rye down the Mornington Peninsula. The natural thermal mineral waters that fill the bathing pools of the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs bathing centres are rich in chlorides, considered to be beneficial in stress related disorders and magnesium which is known to promote healthy skin. Take a dip or partake in one of the 20 bathing experiences on offer including Turkish Steam Baths (Hammam), massaging thermal mineral showers, and the hilltop pool complete with 360 degree views of the surrounding areas. Spend a day at the hot springs and you'll be sure to return home with a relaxed body and soul.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs

5. Feed your soul

Sometimes all it takes to relax is a little bit of soul searching. For a way to feed your creativity head out to one of the art galleries down the peninsula way. There are plenty of sculptures, art pieces and exhibitions to keep your mind occupied. We recommend the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery in Mornington and McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery in Langwarrin for some inspiration.

See something you like? You can find more ways to rejuvenate with Scoopon.