5 Must-Visit Perth Restaurants with a Gastronomy Twist


Gastronomy is all about the way that food and culture are combined. Eating the food of a certain culture is almost a transporatative  experience where you feel like you've been whisked away to France, just by eating a scrumptious croissant, or sent to the beach by devouring a freshly caught plate of fish with chips.It may not be as effective as a holiday, but these five dining destinations in Perth all have a great power to deliver amazing food to your table and inspire you with gastronomy. To celebrate Scoopon Perth's Gastronomy Week, we've featured five top restaurants and why we love their food and atmosphere.

Paradise dining at Matisse Beach Club - Scarborough

Matisse Beach Club is the perfect place for colour lovers, beach bums and Aussie foodies. Perth foodies flock to this beautiful beach club, known for it's glamour, light and good vibes and they stay for the delicious dining options of tropical inspired menu treats with a twist. Scrumptious bites like Matisse wings, tequila and chipotle chicken, salmon sashimi and scallops. For the casual plates, diners are delighted with classics like fish 'n' chips and club sandwhiches. No beach club dinner would be complete without a few cocktails by the pool from the cocktail menu, full of fresh citrus flavours. For the taste of a tropical island in the heart of Perth.

Pure Italian at Portorosa - Fremantle

Located in Fremantle's popular cappuccino strip. Portorosa is a classic Italian pizzeria with a traditional Italian food philosophy. It's all about fresh produce, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and of course lots of quality olive oil. The menu showcases all of the classic Italian menu favourites including pizza, pasta and loads of delicious seafood options. There's also an extensive range of Australian wines and imported beers.

South African taste safari at Leopard Lodge - Carabooda

Imagine what dining in an African game lodge would be like. Well, if you're in Perth, you don't have to travel all the way to Africa to taste the best of African cuisine. Leopard Lodge in Perth's northern suburbs is a carnivores delight, with a menu full of tasty meats including chicken, beef and pork ribs. There's also plenty of signature South African dishes to look forward to including boerewors sausage, mielie pap and signature Zulu oxtail.

Gastopub dining at The Claremont Hotel - Claremont

Built in 1894, The Claremont Hotel was originally constructed as a post office and a bakery at the top of Bay View Terrace. Now the Claremont Hotel is a popular destination for Perth foodies who come to enjoy the diverse menu options from Chorizo and Pear salad to Philly Cheese-steaks and even chicken and waffles. Adventurous foodies are well looked after at Claremont Hotel.

Chef Hatted Italian Experience at Maurizio's - Perth CBD

Maurizio's is an authentic Italian dining experience in the heart of Perth's CBD with specialty dishes that will transport you to Chef Maurizio's hometown of Abruzzo. Italian food remains at the heart of Maurizio's Chef's hatted restaurant experience where you can expect to be wined and dined with bottles of red and delicate pasta recipes that have been handed down through the family. If we had to sum up this dining experience in three words it would have to be: fresh, seasonal and innovative.

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