You Can't Call Yourself Australian Until You've Tried These 17 Foods


There's plenty to attract visitors to Australia, from the beautiful beaches and lush national parks to the laidback culture and friendly people. But few people come here just to try the food, and we think it's time that changed. Just look at our national dishes! Lamingtons, pavs, parms and biccies... what more could you possibly want?

Today, we're celebrating the weird, wacky, and downright delicious dishes that make our sunburnt country a culinary powerhouse to rival the bistros of France and cucinas of Italy. Seriously.

1. Lamingtons

Ahhh, the classic lammo. Sponge cake, chocolate, coconut and maybe a little jam... perfection!

2. Vegemite on Toast

Most foreigners will never understand the appeal of Vegemite, and on paper, we can understand why. It's salty, bitter and yeasty, and utterly disgusting on its own. But when you've grown up with it and mastered the art of using it responsibly, Vegemite ceases being a spread and becomes a way of life.

3. Pavlova

Light, fluffy meringue, cream and fresh fruit... there's nothing better than a good pav. The Kiwis may claim it for their own (and who can blame them?) but we know the truth - this iconic dessert is even more Aussie than Nollsy.

4. Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls

Because you can't have one without the other! It simply isn't a party without these bad boys.

5. Fairy Bread

If your childhood didn't consist of making a total mess munching on fairy bread, you missed out. Hundreds and thousands, butter, and white bread - it's basically all the major food groups.

6. Tim Tams

Aussies created the Hills Hoist, the black box flight recorder and even Wi-Fi, but if you ask us, our best invention was the humble Tim Tam. We dare you to try and find a better choccy biscuit!

7. Sausage Sandwich

Sausage sizzle, sausage on bread, sausage sanga, democracy sausage... Whatever you call it, we can all agree it's an icon. You can find these culinary delights at every soccer game, polling place and Bunnings. But no matter where you get your fix, it should always consist of four simple ingredients: a beef or pork sausage, onion (underneath the snag ONLY - don't @ us) and sauce on a single slice of white bread and nothing more.

8. Golden Gaytime

Nothing says 'summer' like sitting on the beach, sand everywhere, covered in greasy sunscreen and munching on one of these crunchy, creamy, caramel-y treats.

9. Cheezels

Pro tip: If you want to find out whether or not someone's Australian, hand them a bag of Cheezels. If they immediately slide these cheesy tubes right onto their fingers, they're true blue.

10. ANZAC Biscuits

Is there anything more Australian than the humble ANZAC biscuit? Everyone has their own take on this classic biccie, but if you want to try the original recipes, click here.

11. Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken schnitty, tomato sauce, cheese and, if you're lucky, ham - the chicken parmy/parmi/parma is the ultimate pub grub. Even though this iconic dish was actually created in the US (sorry to be the bearer of bad news), we've claimed it as our own and turned it into an art form.

12. Jatz with Cheese Cubes and Cabanossi

A.k.a. the height of Aussie dinner party sophistication.

13. Milo

Ask any kid in the country and they'll tell you that half the fun of Milo is seeing how much chocolatey, malty goodness you can get into a cup of milk without mum seeing. Sure, it's full of sugar, but that's why we love it.

14. Chiko Roll

This spring roll-inspired snack sounds like it should be disgusting - after all, how tasty can deep-fried cabbage, beef, barley and animal fat really be? As it turns out, pretty damn tasty, especially if it's from that dodgy corner shop near your mate's house.

15. Paddle Pops

If anything could give the glorious Golden Gaytime a run for the title of Australia's favourite ice cream, it's the Paddle Pop. Genius in its simplicity, this summertime icon has sparked many a backyard argument as to the best flavour, which is stupid, because we all know the best flavour is rainbow.

16. Passiona

You're going to need something to wash down all these nibblies, so might we suggest a can of Passiona? This passionfruit-flavoured bevvy dates back all the way to the 1920s and has become a staple in every esky ever since.

17. Caramello Koalas

We already eat the animals on our own emblem, so it makes sense that we also eat one of our other iconic Aussie animals, the koala. In chocolate form, of course!

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