12 Things To Try This Weekend If You’re Feeling Extra British


If you’re getting caught up in the wave of royal wedding fever (no judgement here!) but had your invite lost in the mail, we’ve got the next best thing. Here are 12 things to try this weekend if you're feeling extra British...

  1. Cook up a full English breakfast (featuring, but not limited to, eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, fried white toast and butter, black pudding, mushrooms, grilled tomato, hash brown)

  2. Put the kettle on to solve any of life’s problems

  3. Wear a tiara

  4. Practise your curtsey

  5. High Tea, here’s some Sydney and Melbourne options

  6. High Tea on a boat, because that’s fancier

  7. Sunday roast at the pub

  8. Apologise profusely to everyone, and everything, for no apparent reason

  9. Keep a stiff upper lip (but a small tear when Meghan walks down the aisle is completely acceptable)

  10. Complain about the weather

  11. Practise your royal wave

  12. Fish & chips with mushy peas. Or if you're in Sydney, take things up a notch.

Congratulations Harry and Meghan, and cheerio!