Top 10 Travel Essentials


Packing the right stuff for a holiday - while not over-packing - is a fine art, and forgetting something that you really can’t live without is not the best way to start your holiday. We’ve compiled our top 10 travel essentials to help you on your way!

1. Packing cubes

These are life-changing! You can buy them from most travel stores. Use them to pack similar items, like underwear, swimsuits or socks, so you can find them without having to pull your whole suitcase apart. They’re especially useful when travelling to different climates in one trip - and trust us, your friends will be envious when you don’t have to re-pack when leaving each hotel.

2. Headphones

A good pair of headphones can go a long way. Not only are they a great upgrade to airline earbuds, but if you get a noise-cancelling pair, they can also eliminate background noise on the plane.


3. Multi-country adaptor

If you’re globe-trotting, you may need multiple adaptors. Save space in your bag and get a multi-country adaptor! Some even have USB ports, so you can bring just one cord for your phone, laptop and tablet.

4. Neck pillow

Get a good night’s sleep by packing your own pillow. Most airlines supply thin pillows, or no pillows at all, so consider taking your own for extra support.

5. In-flight minis

From perfume to moisturiser, it’s the little luxuries that will make flying that much more comfortable. With liquid limits in place, it’s important to take minis (only 100 milliliters or less). My essentials include perfume, a roll-on deodorant, lip balm, wet wipes and mints. Save time at the airport by putting them in a re-sealable plastic bag before you leave home.


6. First aid kit

This is an absolute essential when travelling. Stock it with everything from band aids to rehydration solutions, especially if traveling to remote places where a local doctor or pharmacy may be hard to find.

7. Travel wallet

When travelling, especially through International airports, it’s essential to keep all your documents in one place. Get a travel wallet with space for credit cards, flight and hotel itineraries, your passport and a pen to fill in all of those pesky landing cards.

8. Travel journal

Remember every detail of your holiday by keeping a journal! Write the details of tours you went on, favourite restaurants you ate at, and even people you met along the way. If you feel like being extra creative, take a Polaroid camera and add photos to your entries! Journaling is also a great way to kill time at airports or on bus trips.


9. Apps

There are so many awesome smartphone apps that can make travelling that little bit easier. Some of our faves include:

  • XE Currency – this is one of the best currency apps available as it converts every currency in the world.

  • TripAdvisor – the go-to app to find the best restaurants, tours and hotels in your destination.

  • Uber – for countries that have Uber, it’s a great, cheap option for getting around!

  • TripIt – compile all your bookings in one place, by pulling your itineraries from your emails!

10. Travel Insurance

No matter where you go overseas, travel insurance is a must. Don’t let a delayed flight or unexpected medical costs ruin your trip. There’s a huge range of websites that compare providers and help find the perfect cover for you.

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