4 Different Ways to Get Around Bali


Every year – without fail – Bali is ranked as the number one destination for Australian tourists. So it’s clear when it comes to Southeast Asia, Bali is our favourite hot spot and it’s no surprise – Bali is cheap and naturally beautiful. But in the interest of keeping things fresh, why not plan a Balinese getaway that's a little bit different?

Here are four fantastic, wildly adventurous ways to get yourself around Bali  that will put a spin on your typical holiday.

Bali by bicycle: Travel on two wheels

Riding a bike on holidays is good for two reasons. One - you’ll feel like a local with the wind whipping through your hair as you cruise around the Balinese back streets. Two – it’s incidental exercise, which is always a positive – especially after a few days at the breakfast buffet.

Most Balinese biking tours kick off in Ubud – its natural beauty makes it the perfect platform to get your pedal on. You’ll breeze past Balinese plantations, lush rice paddies and local craftsmen plying their trade. The long form tours take place over several days and usually consist of eight cyclists plus a tour leader. Along the way you’ll be set up in home stays – an incredible experience that will seem a world away from any hostel or hotel.

Mountain biking expertise isn’t a necessity – but it certainly won’t hurt. For the more adventurous, the trails along Mount Batur are legendary for their views – plus there’s the added thrill that it’s an active volcano.

For more information check out Bali Bike.

Price guide: $42 AUD (per day including day trips)

Bali by scooter: See the island in nine days

Riding a scooter is basically a birthright in Bali. As you zip around you’ll see people of all ages – (often as young at ten!) piloting a two-wheeler around the streets. Bali isn’t that big and you can actually see the entire island in around nine days on a scooter. Make sure you rent an automatic scooter – your life will be so much easier. Also, many rental services will offer discounts for long term hire – so use your best Balinese bargaining skills to get a good deal.

Tip: Don’t get caught running low on petrol – there are service stations in major cities like Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur while roadside shops sell jerrycans of fuel in rural areas.

There are many trips, trails and routes but it’s best to take off from Kuta and head south for Uluwatu. Then you can double back and travel the outskirts of Bali – from Blue Lagoon Beach to Ganung Batur Volcano, then through to Ubud and Sanur. Seeing Bali by scooter will give you a sneak peek of the country with an authentic experience.

Price guide: $8 AUD (per day including insurance)

Bali by foot: A hiking holiday

Let’s be honest, it’s about time you took a walk on the wild side. So why not start now and commit to a breathtaking hike in Bali?

Thanks to the magnificent mountainous ranges in Bali’s north, it’s an area rich in walking trails and hiking routes. Make Bali’s two semi-active volcanic mountains - Mount Agung and Mount Batur – your first choice. Guided hiking tours run daily with several companies offering an array of adventure trails. The Mount Abang jungle hike is our pick – you’ll feel like you’re on the set of Jurassic Park – minus the dinosaurs.

Be sure to bring appropriate hiking gear, windbreakers are a must.If you want to go rogue, head for West Bali National Park – it’s Bali’s largest national park. It’s a two and a half hour drive from Kuta, and you’ll have to buy a permit to hike there. The dense rainforest and amazing wildlife will be worth the extra effort. Permit includes camping – so accommodation is sorted – while local guides are on hand to answer any questions.

For more info head to Bali Hiking.

Price guide: $20 AUD (per day including meals)

Bali by sea: Cruise through hidden hot spots

Travelling around Bali by boat is an incredible way to see the island’s amazing marine life while also visiting some of the smaller, neighbouring islands. In fact Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands - so there’s a fair bit to see. Take a ten day cruise around the Lesser Sunda Islands to find the hidden hot spots of Bali, while also exploring some of the roads less travelled. You’ll dock in at Flores - one of the oldest islands in Indonesia - before heading to Lombok. It’s also worth swinging by Komodo Island - home to the Komodo Dragon. In between day trips you will love life on the water. Whether it’s snorkelling, swimming or stand up paddle boarding - you’ll never be bored seeing Bali by boat.

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Price guide: $3500 (includes internal flights, accommodation, 9 day cruise and meals)

If you're heading to Bali sometime this year then why not try out a few different ways to explore the island. If you're thinking about heading out to this popular Indonesian island sometime this year, we've got some awesome Bali accomodation lined up for you on Scoopon.

Have you travelled through Bali on bike or Scooter? Share your trips for a great ride in the comments below!