Top Food Trends for 2017

When we bring you new offers at Scoopon, it’s not JUST about the best offers or the newest places in your city – we’re also keeping a close eye on what’s trending in the food world. With Instagram now very much an influencing factor on our food choices (because let’s face it, we all love food that looks photo-worthy), the Scoopon team is dedicated to seeking out the newest trends to keep our offers as fresh and delicious as ever.

Here’s what we’ve noticed so far in 2017 – and trust us, a lot of delicious research went into this list!


Burgers have long been a favourite food amongst the Instagram community – but recently we’ve noticed this trend become bigger and juicier than ever. From reaching new burger heights – literally to the point where we’re not sure how people can fit their chops around it – to adding bizarre ingredients – think mac and cheese buns and other modern-day delicacies –  there are no limits to what can be done with a burger. And that includes tattoos – the burger joint behind one of our Melbournian offers actually encouraged customers to have their favourite burger tattooed (to scale) to receive free burgers FOR LIFE in return. Crazy!

Soft Shell Crab in a Charcoal Bun – Photo: Three One 2 One, Melbourne


Otherwise known as Halal Snack Pack, this simple yet oh-so-tasty treat is taking Australia by storm. Gone are the days of 3am kebabs – an HSP is the snack people are happy to eat at any time of the day. The concept is pretty simple – it’s layers of hot chips, grated cheese, halal doner kebab meat, all slathered in garlic, barbecue and chilli sauce. It’s hot, fresh and packed to the brim with flavour – so it’s no surprise that it’s made our food trend-hunters’ radars.

Halal Snack Pack (HSP) Photo: Crazy Kebabs


Though this traditional Turkish dish has been around for generations, it’s not long been on the list of food trends in Australia. But we’re so happy it’s finally caught up, as it is nothing short of delicious! Made of hand-rolled sheets of special dough, each lightly brushed with butter and eggs, it’s then filled with various toppings of your choice to create a tasty alternative to your everyday sandwich. And the best part? Breakfast gozleme is even a thing, so you can literally eat this dish at any time of the day!

Gozleme Photo: The Gozleme Co.

Dessert Shakes

Dessert Shakes, Cake Shakes, Freak Shakes… whatever you want to call them, these bad boys are  taking over Instagram like crazy. As if sipping on a chocolate or vanilla milkshake wasn’t enough of a treat, Dessert Shakes refer to those ridiculous, out-of-control shakes that consist of not just milk and flavouring, but as many ingredients as the creator can fit both inside and and top of the glass. In fact they’re so big that they’re generally served on a plate and with a spoon! Sprouting up in various cafes around the nation, these are definitely one of those things you need to try at least once in your lifetime.

Fully Loaded Dessert Shakes Photo: Flame 400 Burgers

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