Riddle Me This: The Ultimate Guide To Aussie Escape Rooms

Picture this – you’re locked in a tiny room, your heart is racing, confusion sets in, you feel scared, alone and trapped. Sounds like fun, right?Welcome to your latest obsession – Escape Rooms.

It works like this – you and a few friends book a room and choose the theme – Zombies, Apocalypse and Serial Killer. You’re then locked inside and the countdown begins. To secure your teams release you must uncover clues hidden in the room – but be careful – not everything is as it seems. Adrenalin kicks in as you work desperately with your team to find a way out.

Some clues are a help, designed to aid your escape, and others are a hindrance, designed to slow you down. Escape in time and emerge victorious or fail to crack the code and fall victim to defeat.

We’ve scoured the country looking for the most exciting and original Escape Rooms, this list is guaranteed to satisfy (and scare!)


The Mystery Puzzle

Fancy yourself as a bit of a puzzle pirate? Or perhaps you can crack codes in a casino? Look no further than The Mystery Puzzle. There are two themes – Pirate Adventure and Casino Revenge – with varying levels of difficult. The pirate private eyes will be searching for some buried treasure – but be wary, not everything is as it seems. Meanwhile, in the casino, there’s been a mysterious murder – can you find the killer before your time is up? The Mystery Puzzle rooms are family-friendly, so if the kids need an activity for a rainy Saturday, look no further.

Skill Level: Amateur Sleuths

Best for: Newcomers/Families


Paniq Room


If you’re on the hunt for a legitimate Escape Room experience, then Paniq Room is the place for you. Started by two Hungarian expats, Paniq Room is the real deal. There are two options – Military Bunker and Supercell 117. Bunker fans will be searching for confidential government documents while a bomb ticks away. Over in Supercell 117, you’ll be split into two groups and forced to puzzle your way out of prison.

Skill Level: Expert Investigators

Best for: Clever cookies up for a challenge



The Escape Hunt

Adelaide is set to be the latest city to lose itself in the escape room scene. Escape Hunt is part of a worldwide franchise, boasting puzzle rooms in New York, London, Budapest and Sydney. The Adelaide room is officially opening in June of this year – although you can already book your spot online. There will be five rooms, open to a maximum of five players. The theme isn’t the most original idea of all time – you’re a bunch of detectives who must solve the crime in order to escape – but the execution will undoubtedly be spot on. Watch this space.

Skill Level: Caters to all

Best for: Newcomers/Families




Mystic Clue

Combining technology and storytelling, Perth’s Mystic Clue is perhaps the most advanced puzzle room in Australia. Typically, they offer two experiences – The Bat or Inception. Inception requires lateral thinking and teamwork – interestingly you can play with up to sixteen people – so it’s suitable for large group. But really you can’t go past The Bat. This room is a technological masterpiece – there are no locks, no passwords and no clues. A series of sensors, gears and mechanical puzzles keep you locked in. Can you be the ultimate digital detective and topple technology? Time to find out.

Skill Level: Expert Investigators

Best for: Digital Detectives


Ultimate Roomscape

Ultimate Roomscape in Perth lives up to it’s name, rate the #1 Fun and Games activity in Greater Perth by Trip advisor. This tricky building provides an opportunity to use your noggins in two very different themed puzzle room situations. Viral Outbreak; an airborne virus has contaminated your facility and you must work with your team to find an antidote to the virus. Cat Burglar; involved thinking like a cat burglar to escape the puzzle room to prove your skills in the art of burglary. Try your luck as both

Skill level: Amateur Sleuths

Best for: Families, Friends or Co-Workers




Fort Locks

Welcome to Fort Locks, puzzle-players! Set in Fortitude Valley, in the middle of Brisbane’s CBD, prepared to be locked up. Fort Locks offers two game types – Jail Escape and Locked Locker. Jail Escape is a prison-themed puzzle which recreates some of the most famous prison breaks of all time – can you escape from Alcatraz? However, the real challenge is Locked Locker. Set inside a changing room, the team is presented with a confusing set of clues that will open up a series of lockers. From there you need to bust your way out of the locker room. Both games can accommodate up to six players.

Skill Level: Expert Investigators

Best for: Lateral thinkers




Escape Room, South Melbourne

Escape Room Melbourne
Need assistance? Cameras are installed in every room and the staff there can drop a few hints to help you escape in time


Escape Room is a Melbourne-Based franchise with three rooms operating across the city, but our pick is the Mine Escape in South Melbourne. You play the part of a humble mining employee who turns up for their shift to find no one around. Adrenaline kicks in as you learn that your co-workers were checking out some weird activity in the mines – and they were never seen again! There’s seventy minutes on the clock and you can work in a team of up to six players. Will you be able to save your friends or is their fate sealed?

Skill level: Amateur Sleuths

Best for: Families, Friends or Co-Workers




Trapt Melbourne

A round of applause for the Trapt team in Melbourne who have managed to combine our two favourites things – escape rooms and bars. That’s right, once you’ve worked up a thirst solving mysteries, you can head to Trapt’s well stocked boozer for a quick tipple. On the puzzle front, Trapt has it all. There are four themed rooms – Wonderland is inspired by Alice and her adventures, Biohazard sees you take on a deadly chemical outbreak, Prisonbreak puts you behind bars for a crime you didn’t commit and Transylvania sends you lost among coffins in an eerie escape to freedom.

Here’s our hot tip – go for the challenge, stay for the cocktails – it’s a no brainer!

Skill level: Caters to all

Best for: Lateral thinkers and casual drinkers!


Convinced yet? Challenge your mind this weekend at your local escape room! You’ll be surprised at the new skills you may acquire as you try to solve murders and cure deadly diseases!


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