Sleeping with Lions and Bathing with Bears! Close Wildlife Encounters in Canberra

Who would have thought Canberra would be the talk of travel in Australia this year? With the opening of the National Zoo’s Jamala Wildlife Lodge, there’s plenty of excitement going on in the ACT. Where else can you dine with lions, feed giraffes off your balcony and take a bath next to a bear? Safe to say this escape will leave you with some close encounters.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge sits inside the NationalZoo and Aquarium, covering 55 acres in Australia’s Capital Territory. It’s African inspired lodgings boast the best of a safari experience mixed with the luxury feel of a hotel resort getaway. With three accommodation precincts and all in packages it’s a perfect choice for a safari a little closer than the Serengeti.

Our friends at Getaway recently visited Jamala to see what everyone has been roaring about!


Meet the locals at Jamala

Owners of the National Zoo and Aquarium, Richard and Maureen Tindale have dedicated themselves to building a safe and enjoyable environment for the animals at Jamala. A place where Australian and international visitors come and experience the majestic animal kingdom. They hope that having a place to get up and close with beauties of the wild will inspire a younger generation to take better care of wildlife in the future.

Over the last 16 years, Richard and Maureen Tindale along with their family have established the National Zoo and Aquarium to become a leading facility that actively contributes to breeding programs.

Opening the Jamala Wildlife Lodge in 2015, the chance to stay up close with the animals helps the National Zoo to fund hundreds of local, national and international causes and make major contributions towards helping animals survive in the wild.

The animals at Jamala include those who’ve come from circus performing and many have a close bond with people.

“Many of these animals had never experienced anything bigger than a circus trailer or circus ring and all quickly bonded with the keepers and the owners – some are still living out their retirement here.”



Inside the lodge

There are three precincts at Jamala, The uShaka lodge, Giraffe Treehouses and Jungle Bungalows, all with unique features.

In the uShaka precinct, guests of Jamala have the opportunity to lounge around and spot a shark or two swimming around in the giant tanks that border the room.

Animal prints fill the spacious Ushaka lodge rooms at Jamala.

The Jungle Bungalow houses you with a few lions and a bear that keep you company through the glass walls of the lodgings. You may not have a peaceful nights sleep as the lions are known to roar during the night, but you’ll be sure to get the real wildlife experience.

The Giraffe Treehouses are the closest encounter to a giraffe you can get as you feed them  right off your balcony. The resident giraffe about town in Jamala is a long-necked creature named “Hummer” who loves to meet new guests with tasty offerings.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge is a must visit for any Aussie animal lovers who want to get up close and personal in Canberra! Check out Jamala Wildlife Lodge for a great package deal.

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