Why We Love Sushi Planet – Adelaide

Sushi Planet is Adelaide’s newest sushi escapade! A contemporary sushi restaurant on Adelaide’s West Terrace that certainly takes the business of sushi seriously. Recently opened in January 2015, Sushi Planet is already making waves in the Adelaide food scene with glowing reviews from media and big name foodie bloggers. Even famous Aussie fitness babe Kayla Itsines has been spotted there!

With so many delicious morsels on the menu we thought we would delve a little deeper to see why Sushi Planet has got Adelaide raving.

Here’s a few reasons we love Sushi Planet in Adelaide

Pavel Gayvoronskiy, Owner of Sushi Planet is obsessed with Japanese food and saw an opportunity to create Adelaide’s first contemporary sushi restaurant with delivery and he jumped at the chance.  Pavel wanted to create a Japanese restaurant experience”where people could come and enjoy socializing with friends in a vibrant atmosphere, having a cocktail”.

The food philosophy is fresh and simple

Adelaide has many options when it comes to sushi, but none compare to the quality ingredients found on the Sushi Planet menu. With traditional made to order sushi and yakitori dishes, Head Chef Bryan Castillo has over 20 years experience working with Japanese cuisine and has recently come from managing Europe’s famous sushi chain, “Sticks’n’Sushi”. Castillo knows how to serve up the right sashimi!

nigiri set

The food is simple, precise and to the best quality possible. Sourcing fresh Australian fish everyday to bring a quality product to the table.

“We believe that beauty is in simplicity: we keep our design minimalistic and our menu short.  We do not offer a large variety of foods, because we prioritise the quality over the quantity, focusing on making the best Sushi and Yakitori – these are our signature dishes.”

The space is just as divine as the food

For the interior design nuts, Sushi Planet is a sleek, contemporary and modern space with a style which reflects the elegance and simplicity of the food being served. The fit out was performed by Australian industry leader Adam Johnson (Xtra Shiny). Natural materials with pops of colour create an inviting space for lunch or dinner with friends. Pavel notes that a holistic dining experience has many factors. “It’s not just the food or drinks or service, it’s a synergetic effect of combining all these elements together considering the smallest details.”

Interior at Sushi Planet

Sushi shaped cars that deliver!

This is possibly the number one reason why we love Sushi Planet so much. For all the busy/lazy foodies (like myself) who wants the best quality food while I’m stuck in the office, the thought of having freshly-made sushi delivered to my door free of charge is absolute amazing. Not to mention it comes in an awesome sushi shaped car!

Sushi Shaped Car Sushi Planet


They now have desserts too!

Recently they’ve added dessert options to the menu featuring Lemon curd meringue cheesecake and a Cacao & Goji brownie to swoon over.

“Sushi Planet’s dessert menu is gluten and refined sugar free, and is just as delicious as regular, less healthy dessert options. We promise that once you try them, you’ll be left wanting more,” says Gayvoronskiy.  

Still don’t Believe us? Sushi Planet’s Instagram feed is sure to convince!

If you’re lucky enough to live in Adelaide, we urge you to try and test all of the menu options at this Japanese haven. Otherwise, check out all of Scoopons other dining options available.

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