Where To Get Winter Warming Dishes In Your City

Well it’s that time of the year again, when we say farewell to the wonderful summer sun and prepare for the colder months. It’s official, winter is on its way and there isn’t much we can do about it!

The good thing about getting ready to rug up is that we can look forward to some hearty winter meals to keep us warm. As always, we wouldn’t want you to go hungry, so we’ve chosen our top five Aussie winter meals and the best places to enjoy them across the country.

Pea and Ham Soup

OK look, to be fair, “Pea and Ham” soup is technically British, but it’s so popular out here, it may as well be Australian. The chunky style soup has long been a favourite of Aussies because it has all the trimmings of an actual meal – but it comes in soup form. Often people criticise soup for not being “filling enough” – enter the hearty pea and ham. With a creamy consistency and enough ham hock to feed a small army, there’s no denying that this is a legitimate meal. Don’t make the mistake of ordering it as an entree – there’s no chance you will fit in a second course. Do yourself a favour and make this soup a winter staple.

Where to warm up

SYD: nel restaurant.

MELB: City Wine Shop

ADL: Lunchroom Est. 1988

BRI: Sirianni Fine Foods

PER: Alfred’s Kitchen

Sunday Roast with Mint Sauce

Sunday-Roast-With Mint Sauce
Another reason to love Sundays.

This is probably the quintessential Australian meal during winter. In fact it’s actually written somewhere deep in the constitution that you have to eat this once a year at least – apparently.

Not only is a Sunday roast absolutely delicious, it’s also part of the Australian culture. It represents a chance to catch up with friends and family, while coming together for a mighty meal. No restaurateur will serve the dish without a side of mint sauce and roasted vegetables. Don’t forget to ask for gravy – missing out is a rookie error!

Where to warm up

SYD: Four In Hand

MELB: The Wolf & I 

ADL: Press Food and Wine

BRI: Statler and Waldorf

PER: South Street Bar & Restaurant

TAS: Red Velvet Lounge (REOPENING in June 2015)

Shepherd’s Pie

Sheperd's pie (baked mashed potatoes and ground beef with vegetables)
Can’t find Shepherd’s Pie on the menu? It may go by the name of Cottage Pie.

Every so often a food comes along that combines all the best things in life.

Potato? Yes. Meat? Yes. Put them together? Oh that’s another big yes. Shepherd’s Pie is about as close to food-perfection as it gets and luckily for us it’s a winter regular. Chances are the pie-style will differ with each establishment you frequent. Sometimes it’s served with peas, others times it’s plated up with carrots. Take it from us – either way it will be absolutely divine, so don’t sweat it.

Where to warm up

SYD: The Centennial

MELB: Cafe Alcaston

BRI: Piefection

Lamb Shanks

Braised Lamb Shanks are always a hit.

Australians love food that melts in your mouth and nothing is more drool-worthy than a slow cooked lamb shank. It’s a comfort food of the highest order – heavy, meaty, tender and painfully delicious. Often served with a red wine jus, lamb shanks will warm the soul and fill the belly. It’s a national favourite and as soon as winter kicks in, restaurants around the country will serve up a shank – usually with their own original spin. For a traditional lamb shank, look for a side of sweet potato, peas and a thick covering of sauce.

Where to warm up

SYD: Porterhouse Irish Pub 

MELB: Krimper

ADL: The Union Hotel

BRI: Pig & Whistle 

PER: Fibber McGee’s

Bangers and Mash

Mashed potato with pork sausage in pan, selective focus
This comfort food is a speciality at Smash Sausage Kitchen

Come the fall of winter in Australia, you’re hard pressed to walk into a pub that doesn’t serve bangers and mash. Australians have long had a love affair with the humble sausage. In summer we barbecue them and in winter we pair them with mash, and then drown the entire meal in gravy. Once again, our buddies back in Britain may have created this meal, but we perfected it. Our top tip is to go for pork bangers – they tickle the taste buds well. Obviously the stars of this meal are the sausages and potato combo, but keep an eye out for what else is being served up. Usually it’s peas, onions and baked beans – the holy trinity of side dishes.

Where to warm up

SYD: Smash Sausage Kitchen

MELB: The Sherlock Holmes

ADL: P.J. O’Briens

BRI: Hop & Pickle

PER: The Heritage Brasseries

HOB: Ball & Chain

Curb your winter food cravings with a mouthful of something warm from the one of the awesome restaurants in our list! You know you want to!

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