10 Great Date Night Ideas For This Weekend

Do you find yourself planning your weekend and running out of fun and interesting activities to do? Whether your planning a date night with your partner or just with your bestie, try something new and memorable this weekend. We’ve got 10 great date night (or day) ideas for this weekend to try all over the country, so there’s something for everyone!

1. A night of comedy gold in Melbourne

What better way then to spend the weekend than with some comedy gold? In the wake of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne’s own Comic’s Lounge is the place to be for year round comedy shows. If you’re looking for a date idea to light up your weekend, grab your tickets for the next laughfest!

2. For a Melbourne coffee date with a twist

Dating all around the world at some point involves sharing a cup of coffee, so why not put a spin on your traditional coffee date and take your partner on a coffee tour (popular with Melbournians). Awesome for a first date as you’ll get to know one another while getting to try all different types of coffee around the city. Sure to make for some interesting conversation.

coffee shop latte coffee tour Melbourne

3. Get your rev on and go go-karting

Getting competitive with a few laps of the go kart track will stir the race car driver in you. If you’re getting a group together for a catch up this weekend, book a race session at your local track and get your motor on.

Go Karts in PerthMelbourne Sydney

4. Binge on bakery treats with your bestie

Quality time with friends is rare during the busy week, so take time to unwind. The best girls night in always comes with delicious baked goods, so grab a box of freshly made cupcakes and curl up on the couch with a warm rug surrounded by your besties. Quality time with friends is rare during the busy week, so take time to unwind.

Chocolate cupcakes decorated with fresh cream and raspberries

5. Take it to the rink for ice skating

Ice skating is the perfect for getting out of your element! Strap on some skates and get out on the ice to show your partner your sweet ice skating moves. Even if you spend the whole night falling over, you’ll have tonnes of laughs and great memories of the weekend. There are ice skating rinks all around so check out your local areas. Here’s some great skate spots for Perth and Melbourne.

6. Mini getaway from the city

Don’t wait until your holidays come around to get out and about and take a mini weekend getaway. There are heaps of perfect day vacation spots from the beach to the beautiful countryside for a local escape. Check out our Sydney day trips to get out of the city and secret holiday spots in Melbourne .

Secret holiday spots in victoria

7. Indulge in a city stay on the cheap

Showing your romantic side is not as expensive as you think for a great night out in your city. Look for restaurant deals and cheap hotel rooms on last minute booking and discount sites to organise an awesome city stay at almost half the price! Start with drinks and a delicious dinner, followed by a stroll through the city and a luxury night out. Because we all deserve some luxury!

8.Wonderful outings for animal lovers

Get in touch with your animal side for your next date idea. Walking around the zoo, seeing all the amazing animals is a great way to spend the weekend getting back to nature. Out on the bay in Brisbane, you can check out the local whales on a whale watching cruise, or get out to Weribee Zoo in Melbourne this winter for a safari experience into the wild.

Whale Watching in Brisbane
Whale Watching in Brisbane

9. Go hard or go home – paintballing

Does romance make you a little quesy? If your not the date night type, look to active and adventurous ideas for spending your weekend time. Paintball sessions are an adreneline rush, get a group together for an all out paintball war or challenge your partner to a Mr and Mrs Smith style battle of the sexes.

10. Jump to it on a trampolining date

Bring out your inner child on one of the best inventions known to man, we are talking of course about the trampoline. There are tonnes of places around the country to expereience the fun of trampolining even as a fully grown adult.

What’s your most memorable date night with a partner or friends? share in the comments for more date night ideas!

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