Where to Get The Best Japanese Food in Your City

In the mood to wrap your mouth around some delicious sushi hand rolls or dive into a bento box? Japanese food is hugely popular with the foodies of Australia from basic sushi hand rolls to tempura Japanese delicacies.

For those who need a little guidance when it comes to eating Japanese food, here are a few quick tips:

  1. Sushi hand rolls and sashimi are the only appropriate foods to eat with your hands. It is polite to eat sushi pieces in whole bites.
  2. If presented with miso soup, it is common to drink from the bowl, although most Australian Japanese restaurants will provide a Japanese soup spoon.
  3. When eating edamame beans, don’t eat the husks. Pop the beans out of the husks.
  4. Pick up small rice bowls in one hand and hold the bowl closer to your face for an easier eating experience.
  5. Don’t stick your chopsticks into what your eating as it is considered rude.  Instead use your chopsticks to pick up the food by clutching the piece in between the chopsticks.

So where’s the best spot to get Japanese food in your city? Let’s find out…and as the Japanese say, ‘Ganbatte kudasai!’, or “please go for it!”

Japanese restaurants in Melbourne

$ – Izakaya Chuji – top pick for cheap bento boxes in the city.

$$ – Mr Miyagi – trendy Japanese fusion bar.

$$$ – Izakaya Den – underground Japanese bar with amazing flavours.

Izakaya Chuji
Izakaya Chuji in Melbourne

Japanese restaurants in Perth

$ – Zensaki – “when you bite into fresh, properly prepared Japanese food, it tends to bite you back!” Enough said.

$$ – Matsuri – simple but delicious.

$$$ – Nobu at Crown – premium Japanese in Perth.

Japanese restaurants in Sydney

$ – Otoro Japanese – cheap sushi bar with a large selection.

$$ – Sushi and Grill – good price for a wide range Japanese delicacies.

$$$ – Sake restaurant – award-wining Sydney Japanese.

Selection of Sushi

Japanese restaurants in Adelaide

$ – Sushibar Genki – The best for cheap and delicious sushi.

$$ – Wasai Japanese Kitchen – tempting tempura and deluxe sashimi.

$$$ – Kenji Modern Japanese – fusion food degustation.

Japanese restaurants in Brisbane

$ –  Sushi Kotobuki – awesome cheap Japanese food with great flavours.

$$$ – Sono Restaurant – a little more pricey for a huge selection.

Japanese Qoo Qoo
Japanese degustation

So if you’re in the mood for all types of Japanese food, these restaurant picks are sure to provide what you’re looking for at the right price.

Do you have a go-to Japanese hot spot in your city? Share your secret sushi spots in the comments!

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  1. I’m glad you listed the things not to do when eating at a sushi restaurant. I’m new to Japanese food so I’d like to avoid a potential embarrassing scene by doing something like eat the edamame husks, like you mentioned. I’d like to plan visit to Perth so I’ll have to try out your recommendations there. Thanks for the helpful article.

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