If You Had 10k To Travel Where Would You Go?

If you had ten thousand dollars to spend on your next trip, how would you spend it? Maybe you’d take a three month sabbatical in South East Asia – exploring the hidden jungles of Cambodia and Laos. Or perhaps it’s time to set off on that American road trip you’ve always wanted to go on. But then what about France in the summer or a two week African safari?!

Whatever your style, it pays to know exactly how you should divvy up your dollars. We’ve taken the hard work out of it so you can enjoy your holiday.

South East Asia: take a 3 month sabbatical

South East Asia on 10k

Our 10k trip breakdown:


Flights – 25%

Accommodation – 20%

Food, drink and fun times – 20%

Getting around (train, bus, etc) – 5%

Tourist attractions – 15%

Miscellaneous – 10%

Want ten thousand reasons to smile? Well, South East Asia is just the ticket.

Thanks to our exchange rate, the Australian dollar goes a long way in the exotic East. Allocate a quarter of your budget to flights – that should cover your return trip as well as jetting around internally. You can eat, drink and be merry on the cheap – look to spend around $50 a day filling your belly. If you’re at a hostel or apartment, eat breakfast in, but make sure you sample the local fare come lunch and dinner. The continent is culturally rich – Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a must see and Ha Long Bay in Vietnam will take your breath away. Put aside around fifteen percent of your budget on expanding your mind (and Instagram feed). With so many hotels, hostels and apartments on offer, finding a well-priced place to rest your weary bones is easy – and with $2000 reserved for accommodation you should be more than comfortable.

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The ultimate US road trip: getting your kicks on Route 66

The Ultimate US road trip for 10k Route 66

Our 10k trip breakdown:

Sydney- Los Angeles-Chicago-Sydney (21 days)

Flights – 25%

Accommodation – 15%

Food, Drink and Fun times – 20%

Getting around (car hire) – 10%

Tourist attractions – 20%

Miscellaneous – 10%

If you only do one road trip in your entire life – make it Route 66.

Stretching from the Los Angeles to Chicago, there’s no doubt you will get a true taste of what it means to be in America. Three weeks and ten grand is the perfect match up – save a quarter of that for flights – you’ll touch down in LA and fly home from Chicago. To help make the trip as “authentic” as possible, you’re going to need a muscle car. You can pick up a Mustang convertible from LAX for around $1000.  Fifteen percent of your budget should go to accommodation – that’s roughly $500 per week which will keep you in decent digs along Route 66. Now it’s no secret that in the States, the bigger food, the better it is, but sometimes it can be a little pricey. Add to that the strong US dollar and a food budget of twenty percent is a safe bet. Finally you can’t tackle Route 66 without stopping to appreciate some of the natural beauty. The Grand Canyon may look breathtaking from the car, but why not up the ante and take a chopper ride right into the belly of the beast? It’ll set you back around $500 – but it’s a memory you’ll never forget. Fire up the Mustang, put some Springsteen on the stereo and let’s hit the road.

Into the wild: 11 day African safari

In the wild 11 daysOur 10k trip breakdown:

Sydney- Johannesburg- Botswana -Johannesburg-Sydney

External Flights – 25%

Internal Flights /Accomm /Food – 35%

Miscellaneous – 10%

Tourist attractions – 20%

Drinks and Fun times – 10%

We bet that ever since you watched The Lion King, you’ve been planning that epic African getaway – well now’s the time to make it happen!

From Zimbabwe to Zambia, Madagascar to Mozambique, most short term (two weeks or less) “safari experiences” will set you back around thirty percent of your budget. Now before you start shrieking like a hyena, hold on a second – they’re pretty inclusive. Typically they cover your internal flights, accommodation, park entry and meals. Most flights to safari destinations depart from South Africa, so you’ll need around a $2500 to get to Johannesburg and back. It’s worth putting aside two thousand dollars to spend on experiences – whether that’s late night animal feeding in the Serengeti or a flyover tour of the Elephant trails in Botswana. They don’t always come cheap, but they’re once in a life time opportunities.

It’s also important to note that most safaris will charge extra for alcohol – so if you fancy a beer in Botswana or a red wine in Rwanda, then you better budget. It’ll be a testing, trying and terrific holiday, but hey – it’s the circle of life!

European summer: sizzle in south of France

European Summer

Our 10k trip breakdown:

Sydney-Singapore-Paris-Nice-Paris-Singapore-Sydney (3 weeks)

Flights – 20%

Accomm – 30%

Drinks, Food & Fun times – 20%

Tourist attractions – 20%

Miscellaneous– 10%

As the cold sets in during winter in Australia, picture yourself on the French Riviera. Drink in hand, not a care in the world with the realities of life, quite literally half a world away. Let’s head to Nice in the South of France and to get there you’ll need one fifth of your budget – leave in early June to lock down flights for around two thousand dollars. Because it’s summer in Europe and hotels can be pricey, it’s best to make a base camp for the three weeks – instead of trying to hop around. With thirty percent of your travel dollars allotted to accommodation, you’ll be able to live pretty luxuriously at a thousand dollars a week. France operates in Euros and the Aussie dollar doesn’t always fare well, so put aside twenty percent of your budget for spending money – this will give you around $100 a day to play with. Some days you’ll spend less, some days you’ll splurge. Nice is a hub of activity and with its proximity to world renowned wineries and vineyards, there’s plenty to do (and drink). Add to that, it’s only half an hour from Monaco – home to the worlds’ most extravagant casinos. With all these extracurricular options, we’ve notched up another twenty percent of the budget to attractions.

Now dust off that French phrase book and bring on the baguettes – we’re going to France!

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