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Burgers are the kind of food to drool over! The juicy patties, fresh ingredients and oozy cheese is a subject that most Melburnians are experts on (or so they think). So too is the contentious issue of “where the best burger in Melbourne comes from. Well, we believe we have your answer…Burgled in Oakleigh.

This will be the only time you’ll enjoy getting ‘burgled’.


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We caught up with the Owner, Russell Allen at Burgled to find out what is so special about his burgers:

Burgled is a new business that evolved because I was becoming bored with preparing traditional food. I wanted to take a seemingly boring industry like hamburgers and turn them into a culinary delight, adding flavours and tastes never before experienced in a hamburger. What I love about Burgled is that our new customers come in expecting a nice burger and leave saying that they have never tasted a burger with so many flavours that seem to complement each other!

Our business started because essentially I wanted to create a never before tried menu of burgers that, not only gave great flavour, but represented great value for money. I also have a passion for training young apprentices so this as a perfect platform to be able to do that.

My childhood was probably similar to many. Dad worked long hours and mum was always home to take care of us and cooking for the family, I suppose that’s where my passion for food began. As a kid, my brother and I roamed the local area looking for mischief and were very successful at it. At 15 I started working as an apprenticeship chef and soon learnt that it was tough industry, many a night I would sleep in the storeroom because by the time I finished scrubbing and cleaning there was no way to get home.

After qualifying, I worked in many leading hotels and eventually ran the entire kitchen, often organising up to 20 chefs. This gave me a great insight into how important it is to understand that no two people are the same and what motivates one person is of no interest to another. Eventually I opened a few restaurants of my own but still always had the desire to look towards a concept type store with the scope to have multiple stores, and  Burgled was born…

Our one burger that customers seem to love the most is The Bogan. It’s a burger that combines traditional ingredients but with special spices to becomes a meal that’s hard to beat. It also sums up the business in that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.With Greek parents it’s hard not to have a strong influence, but at Burgled part of our charm is that every burger is themed on a different country with spices and tastes synonymous with that country


287 Huntingdale Road, Oakleigh VIC 3166.

Visit Burgled.com.au

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