This Is What You’ll Be Eating This Year… The Food Trend List!

If you’re hankering for some new foodie flavours this year, get some of these tasty trends on your fork! From food trucks continuing to rule the festival scene to fermented foods and fishy dishes rising up the ranks of food popularity, these are some of the foods you’ll be lusting over this year! As well as some you may be a little weary to embrace…

The 2015 Food Trend List

Bitter foods will be embraced

Yeah, we hear you!We know bitter isn’t everyone’s favourite taste, but perhaps this year will be the start of something new! Word around town tells us that bitter vegetables, fruits and even bitter snacks will be more common. Think grapefruit salads, bitter chocolate and bitter coffee desserts. Try combining bitter foods with other flavours to create a nice balance.

Thug life inspired salads will make healthy interesting again

It’s the end of the era of too-cool-for-school chefs and food snobbery. Food trends have been democratised and the people have spoken! Everyone deserves to eat delicious food and the guys from Thug Kitchen are telling us how it is! Warning: recipes make contain expletives and loads of flavour. Their vegan cookbook speaks to the masses.


Food trucks and collaborations will continue to dominate

A trend that peaked in 2014 and will continue to please hungry crowds at festivals and big events all over the country. Even weddings are getting in on the trend with taco truck engagement parties and ice cream truck weddings becoming a fun food option. Look out for trucks serving up American style food, tacos, hotdogs, Vietnamese and of course, burgers!

Taco Trucks will continue to produce awesome Mexican flavours!

Breakfast will finally surpass lunch and dinner to become the best all rounder meal

Eggs have so much to offer at any time of the day and their quick and easy nature has translated to breakfast style meals at dinner time, which is fast becoming a rising trend. Omelettes and eggs Benedict are just a few satisfying breakfast options you will find on all-day breakfast menus, for any-time dining.

Cauliflower replacing rice as a tasty side dish

This amazing food trick has been underground for a while now, only embraced by alternative foodies. Now, cauliflower rice is a household trick for adding more vegetables and less carbs. Simply cooking the cauliflower and grating it up into smaller grains makes for an amazing texture on the plate and is perfect for soaking up a delicious curry sauce.

Amazing Middle Eastern dishes will be the go to menu choice

For international cuisines, we will certainly be embracing a lot more Middle Eastern food in 2015. Yummy Middle Eastern staple dishes are entering the home cook’s repertoire, so expect to find more  tabbouleh, hummus, kibbeh, felafels, kebabs, borek and meze plates on your table this year.  Oh and did we mention baklava? Count me in!

Middle Eastern meals are packed with intense flavours.

The new breakfast favourite is corn

Say goodbye to smashed avocado and poached eggs – this year, breakfast is all about the corn; corn fritters, corn salsa, grilled corn. We know Corn Flakes have been a staple breakfast food for generations, so it’s no wonder that fresh corn has clawed its way up the breakfast food chain as the new ‘it’ thing on the breakfast menu.


Superfoods will remain strong

Superfoods have been on the radar of foodies for a few years now and every new season brings a new grain or supplement that boasts amazing nutrient powers! This year our love for superfoods will remain strong (pun intended!). Looks like kale and quinoa are here to stay. On a sweeter note, baking with coconut flour is set to make for some sweet treats!

The method of choice for food prep will involve fermenting

Fermenting foods has been a method of food preparation for over 8000 years. This trend is getting attention for having a range of health benefits such as being full of good bacteria and aiding with digestion.Look to pickles, gerkins, vegetables, sauerkraut and kimchi for a fermented fix on your plate!

Re-return of the retro breakfast favourite – waffles

The retro breakfast option is making a comeback – waffles are slowly starting to creep onto the specials board. Some might say waffles are the new French Toast! It seems like Aussies were slow to take up a love for waffles unlike our American buddies, but we are embracing the return of the waffles to breakfast menus around the country.

A stack of waffles is perfect for both savoury and sweet

Looks like 2015 is going to be a fun and tasty year for food.

Do you have any predictions for food trends? Share your opinion with us in the comments below!

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