Where are Australia’s Best Rooftop Bars?

Everyone has that one friend who always knows where the best bar in the city is! Usually these places can be found through a ridiculously long flight of stairs or hiding behind a very questionable door opening. But once you get inside, you start kicking yourself and turn to your friend to say…”how did I not know about this place!”

Rooftop bars are notoriously hard to find. All the way on top of the city, they are out of sight and not easy to stumble upon when your looking for a place to drink.

So if you’re currently stuck at work and dreaming of a drink in the Summer sunshine, we’ve got some top tipples for you from all around the country!

Australia’s Best Rooftop Bars

Madame Brussels – Melbourne

A gorgeously green, country-style garden party hidden in Melbourne’s CBD, Madame Brussels has everything you’d expect from a fancy country club. Deliciously refreshing cocktails, home -made, hearty finger food (the sausage rolls are to die for!) and waiters/waitresses in very cute tennis outfits. Explore the patio with luscious grass or venture up to the balcony for an amazing view of the cityscape.

Madame Brussels Bar Melbourne
Madame Brussels Melbourne

The Nest Rooftop bar at The Aviary – Perth

Picture a massive open air rooftop with a vibrant atmosphere! Nest Rooftop is all about mixing style with comfort featuring bright furniture and dreamy day beds. This rooftop spot runs from Sunday to Thursday, so it’s perfect for midweek drinks with friends. Share some classic bar style dishes or cocktail pitchers  such as Sangria, Pimms or the Island Punch!

The Aviary Rooftop Bar
The Aviary Rooftop Bar Perth

Naked in the Sky – Melbourne

Located on bustling Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, is Naked in the Sky, the rooftop bar atop Naked for Satan.  This is an exclusive open terrace bar, known to be a hot spot for locals. To eat, the Naked for Satan individual tapas choices are a pick and mix display at the bar on the way in, before you travel up the old lift shaft to views of Fitzroy. Look out for the Naked Infused Vodkas which combine Absolut Vodka with fresh, fruity and quirky flavours. I’ll have a Naked Bitch Chill and Cherry, thanks!

Limes Hotel Rooftop – Brisbane

Think of everything that a rooftop bar should have and chances are the rooftop at Limes Hotel will provide. From  a bar and restaurant, open air views, a rooftop cinema and even plunge pools, this is certainly the place to be for an awesome nighttime experience in Brissy.  The menu boasts classic Queensland-style dishes with a twist and the cocktail menu provides all the classics and some fresh new ideas! The decor is lush and the atmosphere is relaxed, a perfect combination!

Limes Rooftop Bar
Limes Rooftop bar (c) Florian Groehn

The Conservatory – Perth

Designed by Baltinas Architects, the luxurious, Conservatory Rooftop bar has recently burst into the rooftop bar scene in Perth. With panoramic views of the city, the contemporary designed bar serves onto a lawn laid floor with a barbeque area and free Wi-Fi. Keep in mind if you need to organise a fun filled function in Perth.

Royal hotel – Sydney

The Royal Hotel Rooftop is a relaxed open space bar located in Paddington with views to the Sydney CBD skyline.  Slightly hidden away, but worth it when you find it, this local treasure is known for its hearty food and well-priced drinks. Locals love the Royal Hotel so your best bet is to get up there early when the weather is fine as this spot fills up quickly!


Royal Hotel Paddington
Royal Hotel Rooftop Paddignton

Dandy’s Bar – Brisbane

The psychedelic colours of Dandy’s Rooftop above the Fox Hotel aren’t just reserved for the bright, punchy cocktails from the bar. This ‘urban playground’ sells itself as the backyard for everyone in the Brisbane CBD looking for a fun, relaxing drink and a space to getaway! Take in the sunset skies from Thursdays to Sundays with a cocktail in hand and a bite off the tasty favourites snack menu!

Dandy's Rooftop Bar
Dandy’s Rooftop Bar – Brisbane

Bomba – Melbourne

Nothings sets off Summer in Melbourne like a Spanish fiesta. Tapas and Sangria all around at Bomba, a Melbourne rooftop favourite known for its style,  relaxed atmosphere and incredible sharing dishes of authentic Spanish cuisine. Head down (or should we say up!) to Bomba Rooftop from Saturdays to Thursdays 3pm to late for Spanish flavours and summer sunshine! What could be better?

Rocket Rooftop – Adelaide

Rocket Rooftop outdoor bar sits above a live music institution, Rocket Bar. Boasting a comfortable setting situated around a 120 year old Cycad tree guaranteeing guests the perfect outdoor experience on any night. The venue is open fortnightly on Wednesday nights from 9pm and weekly Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9pm. Keep an eye out for the frequently featured Rocket Rooftop Cinema in Summer!

Rocket Rooftop
Rocket Rooftop Bar Adelaide

Now that you’ve spent a good few minutes day dreaming about these amazing bars, call up your mates and get out there to a rooftop bar in your area!

Do you know of a great rooftop bar that didn’t make the list? Share in the comments below!


  1. The list seems amazing. Rooftop Bars are a real delight. I would also like to add Lucky Coq, one of the places that I recently visited. A fun place to wine and dine. The terrific bar has drinks for everyone’s eclectic taste. A budget-friendly recreational hangout joint.

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